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IT-Web & Software Developer

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 66.00

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IT Web & Software Developer

The IT-Web and Software Developer program is targeted toward individuals who want to have a career in computer programming. From a programming perspective, the program has four primary emphases: Java, Visual Basic, RPG and various web programming languages. There is also a significant emphasis on game programming seen primarily in three of the Java classes.

In the first semester of the program, the student is introduced to the Java programming language and several web programming languages. In the second semester, the student is introduced to the Visual Basic language. In addition, two-dimensional game programming concepts are introduced in the first game development class using Java. The student also begins using the RPG language for true business systems development.

The third semester brings more Visual Basic Programming with an emphasis on database development. Three dimensional gaming concepts are introduced in the second game development class and students take advanced RPG. Finally in the fourth semester the student learns advanced three-dimensional game programming concepts and Web Programming with Visual Basic (ASP .Net).

Students who graduate from this program have created many programming solutions focused in three very different languages and are well prepared to begin an entry-level career in software development.

Historical Curriculum

Program Head

Ann Brice
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 204F

Summer Contact

Ann Brice
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 204F


Ann Brice
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 204F

Greg Steele
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 202J

Niall Kader
La Crosse Campus, Business Education Center, 202H

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program differ from Computer Support Specialist and Network Specialist?

The IT-Software and Web Developer program is a fairly specific program in that graduates are prepared to program computers in a variety of ways. Graduates acquire some general software and hardware skills but the emphasis of the program is truly on programming. In the Computer Support Specialist Program, students are taught to support various pieces of application software that are used in business settings. The Network Specialist student focuses on hardware and connectivity with other computers.

Where could a graduate of the IT-Software and Web Developer program be employed?

Many companies are involved in software development on several levels including commercial software, in-house applications and a myriad of internet programming applications. A graduate of this program could work at any of these companies.

What will my classes be like?

The class sizes are small, with usually with no more than twenty students. Some of the introductory courses will involve examinations based on readings. However, many of the courses are based on the "hands-on" approach to learning. You will learn to perform human resource duties by working on team and individual projects, with assistance from the instructor. You will also participate in an internship, as well as create a portfolio to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have gained.

Can I work at home or do I have to do all my work at school?

We work hard to establish licensing agreements with the software companies so that you can get copies of the development software free or at a very low cost.

Do I need a laptop to complete this program?

A laptop is helpful, but not necessary. Some of the application development environments will require you to have a fairly up to date computer (less than two years old) if you want to work at home.

How important is it to stay in sequence with the courses that I take each semester?

It is extremely important, if you want to complete your program in the shortest amount of time. You need to be careful to follow the curriculum plan that is set-up for you or you may end up extending your education one or two extra semesters depending on the courses that are out of sequence. Some courses are prerequisites that you must take before you are able to enroll for other courses. Also, many classes are only offered once a year therefore if you miss a course, it may put you behind depending on when it's offered. Make sure to meet with your faculty advisor and go through your classes before registration every semester. The Game Development and Visual Basic courses each span two years, so it is not possible to take them out of sequence and missing a class will extend the amount of time it takes to complete the program.

What if I work full or part time?

Degrees can be tailored to meet each individuals needs. If students plan to go to school part time it is essential to meet with an advisor in the program and tailor an educational plan that positions the student to graduate in the desired timeframe.

Can I get my degree at night?

Currently we do not guarantee an exclusively night program. Some of the IT classes are offered at night, online, or in a blended format but not all of them.

Can I double major with another IT program?

You can, but it may require a third year of school. In addition, consider a second program completely unrelated to IT to enhance your marketability.

Will the school find me an internship?

Although we have many business relations throughout the district, it is the students' responsibility to attain an internship in IT. With the growing need in the area for qualified IT skills, our students are finding applicable internships that often lead to full employment.

I've taken some college classes already or have a degree from another college, what courses do I need to complete in the IT Web & Software Developer program?

Provided that all of your general studies courses transfer to Western, you should only need to complete the program core courses. However, to be safe it's good to have all transcripts from any higher education institution reviewed for transfer credits. For more detailed information you will need to contact that department at 608.789.6131 or check the website at

Once I complete my Associate Degree in IT Web & Software Developer, could I transfer this degree to another institution and further my education?

Western has articulation agreements with a number of higher education institutions that will allow you to transfer some or all of your credits towards a bachelors program. To review what options are available to you visit the following site:

Will there be an advisor/counselor available to help me?

Yes, we have student advisors for all Business programs - they are:

Barb Fitzsimmons - Main Contact
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

Counseling services are available at Western. If you would like to see a counselor please call 608.785.9553 or toll-free 800.322.9982 to schedule an appointment. For more information on counseling services, visit

Will I have a faculty advisor?

Yes, you will have an advisor specific to your program until you graduate. It will be necessary for you to meet with your advisor prior to registration every semester. To find out whom your advisor is you will need to contact the Business Division Office at 608.785.9168.

Will there be an orientation for new IT Web & Software Developer students?

The IT-Web and Software Developer program does not have a specific orientation. The division holds orientation sessions prior to each semester for all new and transfer students. If you would like to would like to attend, please contact the division office at 608.785.9168.

What happens if I don't meet the admissions criteria?

Either a counselor or the test evaluator will go over the results with you. If you are unable to get the results right away, you will either be contacted by phone or mail by the Admissions Office. There are many factors that play into what will happen next. You will either be referred to the Instructional Support Services area for developmental work, be required to take other college courses prior to acceptance or discuss your scores etc. with a counselor and retest. If you don't meet the entrance requirements you will be placed in program prep status. If you have more questions related to assessment, refer to the following web address:

Essential Functions/Typical Duties

A graduate of this program will typically provide application development support to existing software applications and websites and create new software applications and websites. In addition, an entry level job may include customer programming support relative to troubleshooting software issues. The graduate may also be called upon to test new software and help with the deployment of new releases of software.