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Graphic Design

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 66.00

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Graphic Design

Graphic designers combine artistic ability with technical knowledge to create designs used in printed and electronic media. First year courses introduce students to graphics software, typography, and design fundamentals that are essential for success in the graphics media industry. Second year students apply these skills in a unique instructional setting that blends basic advertising concepts with art production. Design ability is strengthened through instruction in basic printing and finishing operations. A fourth semester course prepares students for employment through career and portfolio development. The graphic designer's employment opportunities are varied but also competitive. They find employment in advertising agencies, printing companies, publishers, on-line website developers, public relations firms as well as potential freelance design work. Earning potential increases with extended and varied work experience. Strong computer skills are required, as this program is computer intensive.

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Will there be an advisor/counselor available to help me?

Yes, we have student advisors for all Business programs:

Barb Fitzsimmons
La Crosse Campus, Welcome Center

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