IT-Web & Software Developer

IT-Web & Software Developer

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 66.00

Program Overview

The IT-Web & Software Developer program introduces the students to the broad field of business information systems and computer programming. Game development as a teaching methodology is used heavily in this program as students learn two- and three-dimensional game programming principles. The Visual Basic and RPG classes focus on business applications. The primary programming emphasis is on the Visual Studio.Net (Visual Basic, ASP.Net), Java, RPG IV and data access through Structured Query Language (SQL). Web development is a pervasive theme in the program and is utilized in many classes. Graduates find employment as web developers, general application programmers, analysts, business systems analysts, and operations personnel.

To qualify for the program, a student must have basic computer skills including keyboarding, file handling techniques, word processing, and spreadsheet skills. Students should be able to comprehend high school algebra and have excellent reading skills. Good problem solving skills are essential.

Students will be required to do coursework outside of the classroom. Access to a computer that is relatively up-to-date, along with appropriate software, will be needed. Students will have access to campus computer labs and, while a home computer is desirable, it is not required.