Medical Lab Technician

Medical Lab Technician

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 67.00

Program Overview

Medical Laboratory Technicians collect blood specimens, culture and stain bacteria, make microscopic and chemical examinations of urine, blood and other body fluid and cross match blood. The role of a medical laboratory technician is an important part of the detection, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.

Students completing the program are eligible to take a national certification registry exam through the American Society for Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Graduation is not contingent on passing the registry exam.

This program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 5600 N. River Rd., Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119, phone 773.714.8880.

Western's Medical Laboratory Technician Program ASCP Board of Certification Examination 5 Year Statistics

Students who graduate from an accredited Medical Laboratory Technician Program are eligible to take the national American Society of for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) examination. Certification by the ASCP BOC is required by most medical laboratory employers and serves as a symbol of commitment to the highest standards of the medical laboratory profession and quality in patient care. It has been found that certified laboratory professionals earn up to 14 percent more than non-certified counterparts and have greater career advancement and job mobility.

Year Western
1st time
1st time
2015 9 9 100% 77%
2014 6 5 84% 73%
2013 10 10 100% 73%
2012 10 10 100% 73%
2011 9 9 100% 77%

The Western MLT Program’s average pass rate for the BOC for the last five years is 96.8%.