Sales Representative Embedded Technical Diploma

Sales Representative Embedded Technical Diploma

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 33.00

Program Overview

The Sales Representative Technical Diploma is a three-term, one-year program, designed to equip the graduate with the interpersonal, professional, and technical skills necessary to be successful in a wide range of sales roles including Inside Sales, Outside Sales, and in Retail or Customer Service roles. The Technical Diploma is a great fit for those looking to enter the sales field as a career.

The Sales Technical Diploma is the middle step in the Customer Service and Sales Pathway. The pathway consists of a Customer Service Certificate and a Sales Representative Technical Diploma that ladder into an associate degree. This laddered approach allows students to earn business-recognized credentials that lead to jobs and, if the student is interested, to progress through the pathway to career advancement and qualifications for higher paying, higher skilled work.

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