Instructional Assistant-TD

Instructional Assistant-TD

Technical Diploma

Credits Required for Graduation: 48.00

Program Overview

If a person has previously taken a semester or two of college courses, the technical diploma plus that previous coursework may qualify them to work as an instructional assistant.

The Instructional Assistant program is a one-year program that trains qualified individuals to work directly with students under the supervision of a classroom teacher. The duties include assisting children with reading, writing and math as well as handling clerical, housekeeping and other tasks related to instruction. Other activities may include correcting papers, collecting fees, tutoring, working on classroom displays and media, using computers, and supervising various classroom and playground activities. Instructional assistants may be hired to work with students ranging from kingergarten through high school. This program, however, focuses primarily on preparing students to work in elementary and middle schools.

This program is the first year of the associate of applied science degree program.

Note: A criminal background check is required of all students in order to be accepted into the program.

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