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Credits Required for Graduation: 3.00

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Nursing Assistant

The Nursing Assistant program prepares individuals for employment as an entry level nursing assistant in a health care facility where he/she will perform selected patient care tasks supportive to nursing under the supervision of a licensed nurse. These tasks include bed-making, feeding, bathing, and dressing the patient. The Nursing Assistant program includes 30 hours of classroom lecture, 40 hours of classroom laboratory, and 50 hours of clinical.

Scheduled Offerings

The Nursing Assistant program is offered on the La Crosse campus, as well as the Regional Learning Centers each semester including summer. Program offerings have varied time frames. Program offerings may be between 6 and 15 weeks in length.

The Internet option is 30 hours of video lecture with accompanying worksheets. Students meet face-to-face with the instructor and classmates for the remaining 90 hours of lab and clinical.


For inquiries about admission and questions regarding the nursing assistant program you can read the online orientation.

Program Chair:

Dawn Summerfield

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an inquiry or register for the program?

Interested students may go to any Western campus or contact the campus by phone to request an application packet for the Nursing Assistant program. (Independence: 715.985.3392, Black River Falls: 715.284.2253, Tomah: 608.374.7700, Mauston: 608.847.7364, Viroqua: 608.637.2612. In La Crosse see Deb Kaiser in the Welcome Center, or call 608.785.9078.) The application and other required forms are contained in the packet. All admission requirements as listed in the packet must be completed and returned to Deb Kaiser before you can register. Please remember that all items in the packet are to be submitted at one time when completed.

When should I register?

It takes time to complete the testing and immunization admission requirements. The earlier you get started and complete the requirements, the more likely you will get the class you desire. Evening and weekend classes are very popular and tend to fill quickly.

Where do I go for clinical?

There are 50 hours of clinical experience in the Nursing Assistant program. It is necessary to travel to the clinical agencies (nursing homes) in the general area of the individual campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation to clinical agencies.

Will I be required to wear a uniform?

Students are required to purchase a uniform for their clinical experience. It is not necessary to have the uniform prior to the start of the class. Uniform requirements are reviewed and explained on the first day of class. They include appropriate pants/skirt and top, shoes, and watch with a second hand.

How do I get on the Nursing Assistant Registry?

Students who successfully complete the program are required to take the Nursing Assistant Registry Exam offered by Pearson Vue if they desire employment in a federally funded health care facility, that is, a facility that accepts Medicare and Medicaid patients. The exam must be taken within one year of program completion. If the exam is not taken or passed within one year of program completion, the nursing assistant course must be retaken before qualifying to take the exam. The current cost for the exam is $115.00*.
*Testing fee is set by the testing agency. The fee can change without notice.

Am I eligible for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry if I obtained training in another state?

An individual who has completed less than 120 hours of nurse aide training in another state is eligible for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry provided the individual has:

  • Been employed in another state as a nurse aide for 2,088 hours or more within the prior 2-year period, and
  • Successfully completed a competency evaluation program in a state that has the same or substantially similar to the Wisconsin state competency evaluation.

If you have questions about this information, please click here or contact the Office of Caregiver Quality at 608.261.8319 or

Where are nursing assistants employed? What do they earn?

There are many opportunities for nursing assistants to be employed in nursing homes, hospitals, group homes, and home care. The median part-time wage for 2010 graduates (the last statistics available) was $11.35/hour.

For inquiries about admission and questions regarding the nursing assistant program you can read on the online overview.

For space availability in the Nursing Assistant classes contact:

Debra Kaiser
Enrollment Services Advisor

Administrative Program Assistant