Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 68.00

Program Overview

The Accounting program prepares students for entry level positions in the accounting field as well as enhancing the skills of individuals currently employed in accounting who desire advancement. Students with an Accounting degree can secure positions as accountants in private businesses and industry, governmental agencies, and public accounting firms.

Accounting expresses in concise, financial language the status of business; it provides the information by which financial decisions are determined. Accuracy with numerical data, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, attention to detail, and organizational skills are some of the characteristics of an accountant. Others include the ability to meet deadlines, keep on the cutting-edge of technology, and work as a team member. Accounting is an exciting and dynamic field which communicates to all areas of the business. Accountants are involved in the decision-making process throughout the business.

Graduates of the program analyze business transactions; maintain accounts receivable and accounts payable; review, prepare and interpret financial reports; prepare payroll reports; and assist in audits and preparing departmental budgets.

Accounting students apply accounting theory to computer technology using various accounting software packages and spreadsheet applications, as well as the Internet. Accountants work with information in both paper and electronic environments.

As business expands and the economy becomes more complex, the demand for accounting services increases. Employment opportunities exist in every business, private to public, small to large.

The Accounting program at Western offers classes in traditional face-to-face format, Interactive Television delivery, and blended formats. A blended format combines face-to-face instruction with online instruction and is offered in the Accounting After Hours program.