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Foundations of Teacher Education

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 67.00

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Instructional Assistant

Instructional Assistant Program Education is a journey.

Begin your journey in the Instructional Assistant Program. We are dedicated to providing our students with a sound education preparing them for their career in the work force within one or two years, or providing the foundation to continue at a university to become a teacher. This teacher preparation program is student centered to fit your needs and is designed to guide you along your journey into the field of education.

Instructional Assistant To Master Teacher In 6 years.

  • 2 years at Western= Associate Degree
  • 2 years at Stout= Bachelor's Degree In Special Education
  • 2 years at UW-L or Viterbo = Master's Degree In Education

*The average student graduates from a four year University in about 5 -51/2 years with only 4 year degree in education.

*If a career in education is your end goal, start here to go there in less time and spend less money!

Convenient, Affordable and Flexible:

You'll find our program to be convenient and affordable for traditional students and also working professionals who wish to further their educations or make a career change. We offer flexible class schedules and online learning options to fit your needs.

Online and Blended Learning Options:

All program courses contain an element of this type of instruction for better all around student satisfaction. Studying online means that you will be able to access courses at your convenience from home or work. You will be able to access library and web resources, participate in discussions, submit your assignments and review grades online via current college-wide course management system (Blackboard).

Earn Credit for Your Prior Experience:

Contact a Program Coordinator today for a free evaluation of your prior work related or life experiences. Apply this credit toward a learning certificate or degree.

Create a Professional Portfolio:

At the end of the program each student will have created a unique portfolio which clearly outlines professional history and academic growth.

Here's what our students have to say:

"We learned about different learning styles and individual student needs." "Diversity was stressed." We learned about ethical behavior." We talked about healthy classroom environments." "We learned how to teach one on one." "We learned about policies and procedures related to paras." "We studied No Child Left Behind."

Take the first step towards earning the degree you deserve.

The experienced faculty and staff at Western Technical College will guide you throughout the entire learning process. Get excited about higher education and become a college graduate.

For more information contact: Shelly Bauer
Instructional Assistant Program
Western Technical College

Program Head:

Shelly Bauer