Foundations of Teacher Education Program Outcomes

Foundations of Teacher Education

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 67.00

Program Outcomes

1Use effective communication skills.
2Apply mathematical concepts.
3Transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications.
4Demonstrate ability to think critically.
5Demonstrate ability to value self and work ethically with others in a diverse population.
6Use technology effectively.
7Make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability.
8Support all learning based on knowledge of subject matter.
9Identify developmentally appropriate child/adolescent physical, social/emotional, intellectual, and language characteristics and their developmental and environmental impact on learning.
10Adapt instruction to meet the diverse needs of all learners.
11Utilize a variety of instructional strategies, media, and technology to foster the development of critical thinking and problem solving.
12Use proactive classroom management techniques to promote a positive class climate, intrinsic motivation, and optimal learning.
13Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication in working collaboratively within the school setting and interactions with students and families.
14Assist in planning and implementing instructional strategies that reflect the learning cycle.
15Utilize informal assessment strategies to collect data for the support of student learning.
16Incorporate the reflective process to promote student learning and professional growth.
17Assume professional responsibility for ethical, moral, and legal policies and procedures.
18Provide for health and safety needs of students.