Foundations of Teacher Education

Foundations of Teacher Education

Associate of Applied Science

Credits Required for Graduation: 67.00

Program Overview

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. As an educational assistant (paraprofessional), you can make a difference by working directly under the supervision of a licensed classroom teacher to implement teacher created lesson plans. You will likely work with small groups of students in the areas of reading or math as well as in one on one instructional settings. Some of the responsibilities you might have include tutoring in the content areas of reading, writing math and science, implementing teacher created plans in small group learning center activities and offer technical support in the classroom.

Educational assistants/paraprofessionals are used in K-12 for reading, writing, and math at the elementary, middle school and high school classroom settings. You may work in the regular classroom or in a special education classroom at times with students who require additional support. The program covers the needs of special education students as well as the general population.

The Foundations of Teacher Education associate degree is an extension to our technical diploma. It is designed for students who wish to work with students in the regular classroom setting in the content areas of reading, writing and math as Title I assistants/paraeducators. The focus of this degree is to learn best practices in instruction in the content areas of reading, writing and math. The associate degree requires an additional practicum experience working with students to apply the skills we learn in our college classroom. Graduates of the associate degree will create a professional educational portfolio.