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Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA)

Western's AODA program is a counseling and information program available to students who are concerned about their drinking or use of other drugs, about a friend's use/abuse, or about drug or alcohol use in the family.

You are encouraged to contact our AODA specialist, Counseling Services, or use the resources below.

College Efforts

The following are just a few of the Western's efforts in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse:

  • Alcohol and Drug Policy 
  • Student Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy to identify students on campus who are possibly under the influence and a possible threat to the safety of themselves or others
  • Tobacco Free Policy
  • Zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs in residence halls
  • Western refers students who have received an underage drinking citation to the AODA Counselor for a discussion about responsible decision making.

​Good Samaritan Practice

The Good Samaritan Practice is designed to prevent dangerously intoxicated students from having medical care withheld for fear of formal conduct action. All members of the College community are encouraged to seek immediate medical or security assistance for students whose health and well-being may be at risk due to over consumption of alcohol and/or drugs. Under the Good Samaritan Practice, neither the individual calling nor the student in need of assistance will be subject to formal College conduct action related to the alcohol and drug policy. The individuals involved may be asked to meet with a member of the Student Services staff, but no formal conduct action will be taken against the individuals unless the individuals involved demonstrate a repeated lack of care concerning their well-being and the well-being of the College community. If other infractions of College policy occur, such as but not limited to, property damage or assault, the Good Samaritan Practice does not apply.

Parental Notification Policy

The Vice President of College Relations and Student Services, the Dean of Students, and/or designee has the authority and reserves the right to notify parents or guardians when students have committed serious or repeated violations of university policies, local and/or state laws related to the drug and alcohol policy.

Operation River Watch

This is a tri-campus student initiative partnering with the La Crosse police to patrol the Mississippi River in downtown La Crosse on Thursday-Saturday evenings during the academic year. Student volunteers from all three campuses provide extra sets of eyes to support safety along the river front.

Safe Ride

The Safe Ride bus offers a safe travel option between downtown and the three college campuses Thursday through Saturday nights. Students ride free with their Student ID.

Project 21

A birthday card project where local businesses and colleges offer free or discounted food or services to help students safely celebrate their 21st birthdays without alcohol.

New Student Orientation

AODA Specialist provides a presentation on Western AODA policies and issues with a focus on alcohol. Presentation gives a general overview of alcohol facts and consequences and brings the message home by looking at college student drownings and talking about and challenging the “alcohol culture” within La Crosse and Wisconsin.

Class Presentations

AODA Specialist will provide presentations for classes as request. The presentation can be tailored toward the need and interest of the class; however the standard presentation will focus on the La Crosse and Wisconsin alcohol culture with in-depth view and discussion of the river tragedies in La Crosse.

AODA Committee

The Western AODA committee is made up of students, staff, and faculty who are working to increase student goal attainment by creating a culture that supports and encourages healthy lifestyle choices related to alcohol and other drugs through policy change, implementation of effective programs, and promotion of personal responsibility.

  • Pre-Oktoberfest Program
  • Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Holiday Sampler
  • Spring Break Safety and Awareness Program
  • Alcohol Awareness Month Program

Tobacco Free Work Group

The work group’s objective is to educate staff, students, and visitors about Tobacco-Free policy. Promote cessation resources to those who want to quit and address concerns about second-hand smoke in high traffic areas.


Recovery and Support Resources

Education and Prevention Resources

Alcohol eCheckup-To-Go

The Alcohol eCheckup-To-Go will provide you with feedback about your individual drinking patterns and risk patterns.

Get Started

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Counseling and Case Management Services
Student Success Center, Room 221
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