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Student Rights, Concerns, and Disclosures

Western Technical College provides students with certain information regarding the College, its programs, services, and practices as required by the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, enacted in 1990 (34 CFR Part 668). This information includes a variety of academic information; information regarding financial assistance; institutional information; completion rate, retention rate, or graduation rate information; College security policies and crime statistics; athletic participation rates; and financial aid. To assist you in easily locating and using this information, we are providing the reference list below.

We feel it's important that, as a student, you know your rights and responsibilities, which reflect Western's values — excellence, diversity, integrity, and respect. It's also important for you to have the opportunity to let us know if we're not living up to those values.

We encourage you to view our profile on the National Center for Education Statistics for more details not included here. College Navigator: Western Technical College

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Find more information in the Student Handbook or Western's Policies and Procedures Website.

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