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Safety and Security

Campus Security

Our goal is to promote a safe and welcoming environment to improve the quality of campus life for everyone learning and working at Western Technical College. We do this by working in partnership with the campus community to provide the most professional and effective campus security services possible. Our dedicated security staff work 24/7, actively patrolling the La Crosse Campus.

The Security Office can be reached anytime at 608-785-9191 or on a campus phone at 59191. In addition, you can visit our office in Coleman Center Room 131 during regular business hours.

Security Escort Service

A staff member or security officer is available for any student or employee wishing to be accompanied to their vehicle for safety reasons. If you would like this service, call 608-785-9191 or pick up one of the campus information/security phones to request an escort on the La Crosse campus, or contact the main office at any other Western location.


Parking permits are required for the lots on the La Crosse main campus. There are a variety of permit options available. Learn more about parking permits at Western

If you receive a parking citation in a Western parking lot, you can pay it online at Citations issued on the streets by the City of La Crosse need to be paid to the City.

If you feel you have received a parking citation (ticket) in error, you may have grounds to appeal the citation to the Parking Appeals Board. ​To appeal a parking citation, you must submit an online appeal form within 15 calendar days of the date the citation was issued. View our parking appeals page for more information.

Emergency Notification System

Western uses RAVE System to send out emergency alerts to our students and staff. Find out more or sign up.

Report an Incident

Fill out an online form and report an incident.

Campus Health and Safety

The personal health and safety of each student and employee is of primary importance.  Western recognizes its obligation to provide a safe and healthful working and instructional environment and to make a concerted effort to minimize the number and severity of injuries and illness. 

The Safety Office is located in the Physical Plant building and can be reached at 608-789-4700.

Fill out an online form to report an accident, injury, or illness.

Referring Students for Help

If you are concerned about the well-being of a fellow student, you are encouraged to refer them to the Western Care Team. A Care Team member will reach out to the student and offer assistance. For more information visit the Care Team site.

Contact us

When life-threatening emergencies occur, call 911 and then follow-up with us.