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Writing Center

Communications (reading, writing, and speech) at the college level can really be challenging. Thankfully, we have Writing Center staff to support you in all aspects of communications for all subjects and courses. Walk-ins welcome! We offer writing and speech support, such as:

  • Breaking down the assignment to clarify the guidelines and expectations
  • Brainstorming topics for any writing project or speech
  • Grammar and punctuation assistance
  • Research, development, and organization
  • Citations
  • Resume and cover letter support
  • Job and scholarship applications

If there are other barriers in your way, the Writing Center may be the answer. We can also help you with:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Note taking
  • Study skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Blackboard navigation
  • PowerPoint creation
  • Video recording
  • Document formatting
  • Textbook access and navigation
  • Organization
  • Time management

Drop-in assistance is provided in the Writing Center (located in the Learning Commons) or online via Zoom. As a Western student, you can also submit drafts of your writing assignments and receive feedback from the Writing Center for free!

Writing Resources

Writing Center staff and other members of the Learning Commons team create web-based resource guides (called LibGuides) to help you learn how to conduct research, format writing, and cite sources. There are LibGuides available on a variety of general topics and subjects, as well as for some specific courses and assignments.

There are also additional resources created by Western instructors to help you with your writing.

The Writing Process

Crafting The Message

Effective Essays

Writing with Research

Gathering Research

Using Research Correctly

Types Of Writing

Modes of Writing

Business Writing

Resume Writing

Sentence Basics



WINK: An Online Journal

Western's online journal, WINK, contains sample essays, speeches, and other documents, many of which are written by Western students.

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