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Western Technical College

Drop and Withdrawal Policy

Students may drop courses through self-service (MyWestern student portal), in person, or via email to registration@westerntc.edu. The drop/withdrawal will be honored on the date the request is made.

It is important to go through the formal procedure for dropping a class as soon as you decide to drop a class. Talk with your instructor, college advisor and/or counselor. If you do not officially drop, you will receive a failing grade and will not receive a refund.

An official drop before 11% of total class meetings have met will be classified as a registration adjustment and the course will not be recorded on your permanent record. Students are not permitted to officially drop during the last 25% of total class meetings.

The student may receive a refund of fees paid if the student withdraws within the stipulated allowable time frame.

On the recommendation or the approval of the Academics Policies Committee and the Vice President for Student Services, a student may be required to withdraw from school or class(es) at any time during the semester if it is felt that this is in the best interest of the student or the school.

Students who stop attending a class must officially drop the class online at MyWestern, in person at the Welcome Center in La Crosse or at one of the Western Regional Locations, or by email to registration@westerntc.eduFaculty will not drop a student for nonattendance, but may assign a failing grade. However, the College reserves the right to drop a student for attendance related issues at any time during the semester if it is felt to be in the best interest of the student or the College.

Western maintains a record retention schedule of seven years for drop/add. If a student drops or adds a class through MyWestern, records of drop/adds are maintained in Western’s Student Information System. If a student requests a withdrawal through Western’s drop / withdrawal form or through a Western staff, record of the request is maintained in the student’s record. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the drop/add has been accurately reflected on her/his academic records.

Failure to comply with the withdrawal procedure may result in a failing grade and/or negatively affect future registration and/or financial aid eligibility. Non-notification of withdrawal does not absolve an individual’s responsibility for fee payments.