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Refund Policy

Except in the case of cancellation or discontinuance of courses, you must drop a class within the stipulated refund period to receive a refund of refundable fees. In extenuating circumstances, Western may make discretionary judgments and exceptions. The district may also establish a charge per course to be deducted from any refund to defray processing costs.

The refunds of student fees will be made in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter TCS 10.08 and/or College policy and procedures. Refunds are based on the beginning date and scheduled length of classes and the date the class is officially dropped. Refunds are not based on whether or not you attended class.

Refund checks are mailed from the Western Business Office approximately 14 days after the class has been dropped.

The refund for all courses, regardless of length, is:

  • 100% if the district cancels the course.
  • 100% of refundable fees if the student drops the class before the first class meeting.

The refund for all courses is based on the number of class meetings since the first instructional day of the semester:

  • 80% if less than 11% of total class meetings have met.
  • 60% if 11-20% of total class meetings have met.
  • No refund after more than 20% of total class meeting have met.

If financial aid or agency funding pays your fees, other refund procedures may apply. Please contact Financial Aid Resources and Planning Services or the appropriate funding agency.