Student ID Card | Western Technical College

Student ID Card

You will need a Student ID card to access many of the services available to students. Student ID cards are issued in the Student Life Office, Kumm Center, room 100. Students will need a valid state or government issued photo ID and will need to be currently enrolled in classes to obtain a Student ID. There is no cost for the first ID for each student or IDs that are expiring in the month ID is requested. Replacement for lost, stolen or broken IDs may have a cost to the student.

The Student Life Office can also issue Student ID cards remotely. To obtain a new or replacement ID without coming to the Student Life Office in person, students should:

  • Send a digital photo to – photos will need to comply with the following guidelines:
    • Full face, head and shoulder shot
    • Plain background
    • No hats or sunglasses that cover eyes
    • No filters
  • Photo will need to be sent from Western student email address (ex.
  • Include your name as you would like it to appear on the ID, and your student ID number in email
  • ID will be sent via U.S. mail to the student address on record – if requesting ID be sent to different address, include full address in email
  • IDs will be processed once a week and sent out via U.S. Mail  - please request ID in advance if needed for testing as delivery can take up to 1-2 weeks depending on mail service

You will need a Student ID for some of the following services: Access to the Wellness Center, Market Money debit card, access to certain buildings or classrooms (ex. Residence Hall, lab areas, etc.), testing, library, computer labs, participation in campus events and programs, and free rides on the MTU and SMRT bus systems.