Tobacco/Smoke-Free Campus | Western Technical College

Tobacco/Smoke-Free Campus

All Western campuses and grounds are tobacco/smoke-free. This initiative was brought forward by Student Government in response to requests by the student body and is designed to create a healthier environment for everyone who comes to Western Technical College to study, work, or visit. It also aligns with community tobacco/smoke-free efforts and changing attitudes toward tobacco/smoke.

  • The Tobacco/Smoke-Free Policy prohibits use of all tobacco products and smoking devices on College premises or in College vehicles. The only exclusion is private vehicles.
  • The sidewalks on 7th Street between Badger Street and Vine Street have been designated as a Courtesy Zone – a section of city property where individuals are asked to refrain from using tobacco and smoking devices out of respect and courtesy for the high volume of Western students, staff, and visitors who use the walkways. See Map of Courtesy Zone.
  • Ash receptacles are located throughout the perimeter of campus. It is expected of all individuals to be respectful when using tobacco and smoking devices off of Western property and ensure waste gets in the proper containers. See Locations of Ash Receptacles.
  • Policy enforcement focuses on positive reinforcement and is the responsibility of all staff and students. The goal is self-enforcement. Repeat violations of the policy will be handled through already-established judicial/discipline procedures for both students and staff.

The Tobacco/Smoke-Free Work Group is a committee made up of staff and students working to educate all staff, students, and visitors at Western about the Tobacco/Smoke-Free policy and to promote cessation resources to those who want to quit. The Work Group meets twice a month throughout the academic year. If you would like to get involved with the Tobacco/Smoke-Free Work Group, please contact or call 608-785-9444.