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Western Technical College (Western) is committed to conducting its procurement processes through fair and open competition. Our procurement polices and procedures are based on Wisconsin Administrative Rule TCS 6 and 34 CFR, ¶ 80.36 (7-1-11 Edition).

RFPs and Bids

Current RFP Opportunities

Current Bid Opportunities

How to Submit RFPs and Bids

Western now accepts e-bids for RFPs (Requests for Proposal) and bids through the DemandStar website.

DemandStar is an internet-based eProcurement tool specifically designed for public agencies to process, distribute and archive information pertaining to public sector procurement transactions.

Vendors can sign up for free at http://www.demandstar.com/app/wapp/registration. DemandStar offers the following benefits to vendors:

  • Free access to procurement opportunities from all WAPP (Wisconsin Association For Public Procurement) members on the DemandStar network
  • Automatic and immediate notification of procurement opportunities
  • Access to bidding documents, addenda, bid results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Required Vendor Information

In order to set up a vendor account with Western Technical College and ensure accurate vendor information is entered into our system, we require the following:

  • Current W-9
  • Vendor Information form
  • If ACH remittance preferred, fill out ACH form and return with bank letter or voided check

Please return sensitive information via the secure drop-off as instructed on page 3 of the form.

Gifts Policy

Vendors sometimes seek to express their appreciation for the College’s business by offering gifts. However, College policy strictly prohibits the receipt of any gifts, gratuities, premiums or other incentives by all employees under any circumstances. We prefer that incentives be expressed in acceptable business terms, e.g., high-quality goods and excellent, reliable services at the best possible prices.


Invoices are paid Net 30 days unless otherwise negotiated via contract. The preferred method of invoice delivery is via email to accountspayable@westerntc.edu.

2024 Prequalified Contractors

The Western Technical College District Board has determined to use a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify eligible prime contractors intending to bid on capital construction projects. Each project will be bid as a separate project. This RFP process takes place annually, and RFP award of prequalification provides a contractor the eligibility to bid on capital construction projects for the calendar year. 

2024 Prequalified Contractors List