Spring 2020 Graduates | Western Technical College

Spring 2020 Graduates

Congratulations once again on your graduation from Western Technical College! The 2020 spring term was unique, to say the least. As the Coronavirus spread around the world, the country, and the region, college life seemed to change overnight.

To honor your commitment, President Roger Stanford, Distinguished Alumni Chad Wehrs, and Student Ambassador Abdul Cole have created a special video message. We have also posted below the list of Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020 graduates – the people who would have walked across the stage. Names designated with * have achieved honors status with a GPA of 3.0-3.4. Names designated with ** have achieved high honors status with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Western remains committed to celebrating your academic achievements. As such, we will be holding a special drive-through ceremony on Saturday, July 25, in Western’s Lot H. Those participating in this ceremony will remain in their vehicles while members of Western’s administration will be presenting diploma covers, as well as a graduation program, to the graduates in a drive-through format.

Congratulations Graduates!

Commencement Address

Click on the images below to view the 2020 commencement speeches.

Roger Stanford

Roger Stanford
Western Technical College

Chad Wehrs

Chad Wehrs
Distinguished Alumni
Western Technical College

Abdul Cole

Abdul Cole
Student Ambassador
Western Technical College

Western's Spring 2020 Graduates

Names designated with * have achieved honors status with a GPA of 3.0-3.4.
Names designated with ** have achieved high honors status with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
​Names in italics received a scholarship.



Natalie J. Abbott Paramedic Technician
Kelsey Rose Achenbach** Human Resource Management
Shana M. Adams Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Angela S. Addison** Accounting Assistant
Luis Angel Aguilar Ortiz** Basic Welding
Charles Ikechukwu Albert Nursing Assistant
Danika J. Albert* Early Childhood Education
Austin T. Albrecht** Automotive Technician
Hannah L. Aldinger* Medical Assistant
Travis Lee Alexander* Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Travis Lee Alexander* Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Jennifer S. Allen** Nursing
Nathan Charless Allen** Paramedic Technician
Derek J. Alpers** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Cloee L. Anderegg Radiography
John R. Anderson* Bio-Medical Electronics
Josie Anderson Nursing Assistant
Kirstin A. Anderson Nursing
Jennifer Antone Nursing Assistant
Alexis Katelyn Appell Nursing Assistant
Janann MC Arellano* Nursing
Jonathan D. Arentz Business Management
Victoria M. Arjani** Digital Marketing
Evan E. Arneson** IT-Web & Software Developer
David A. Arnold Nursing Assistant
Valerie Lynn Arnold** Medical Lab Technician
Mark A. Aschenbrenner Medical Assistant
Brent Ashbacher Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Eric Bradley Augedahl* Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Kayla M. Bach* Nursing
Matthew J. Bahr* Fire Protection Technician
Samantha Marie Bahr Nursing Assistant
Abby R. Bailey Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Justin T. Baken** Digital Media Production
Susana Daniela Baker** Nursing
Jacob Henry Bakken** Sales Management
Beverly J. Bakkestuen* Nursing
Kyle Michael Balding* Medical Assistant
Keli K. Baldwin** Nursing
Kyra D. Ballentine* Medical Assistant
Jennifer E. Ballmer Nursing Assistant
Lisa N. Balzer Criminal Justice
Branden E. Banks* Criminal Justice
Rayna N. Banks Business Management
Diyora Z. Baratova Business Analyst
Sidney Barber* Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Chelsea Barnes** Physical Therapist Assistant
Isaac Barneson Nursing Assistant
Kimberly Barney Nursing Assistant
Jeanna Barrett* Accounting
Jeanna Barrett** Accounting Assistant
Hunter Davis Barry** Wood Tech
Abigail V. Bartch Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Caitlin Marie Barth* Business Management
Caitlin Marie Barth** Business Specialist
Sayde L. Barth Nursing Assistant
Sara A. Bartle* Human Services Associate
Nichole J. Bartzen Dental Assistant
Garrison J. Barum** Basic Welding
Garrison J. Barum** Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician
Brianna Bauch* Early Childhood Education
Arick S. Bauer Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Jacob R. Bauer** Graphic Design
Cameron Lee Bauges** Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Bradley E. Baumgartner** Business Management
Shawn Baures Nursing Assistant
Christopher Cody Baxter* Business Management
Randi R. Beatse** Paralegal
Michael A. Beaty* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Elise Becker** Educational Assistant
Elise Becker** Foundations of Teacher Education
Ryan Behnke Nursing Assistant
Madeline P. Behringer** Hospitality Management
Iyanuoluwa Eunice Bejide* Human Services Associate
Brendon P. Bender Nursing
Evan Carter Bendickson** Basic Welding
Amanda L. Benjamin** Leadership Essentials
Miranda Z. Bennett** Accounting
Zachariah J. Bennett* Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Zachariah J. Bennett* Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Trenton Todd Benning Criminal Justice
Richard B. Benson* Electromechanical Technology
Richard B. Benson* Industrial Machine Controls
Lucie R. Benzing** Accounting
Cameron L. Beran Nursing Assistant
Brytani J. Beranek Dental Assistant
Kenneth Don Berg* Wood Tech
Michael Anthony Berg Basic Machining
Natasha Jean Berg** Wood Tech
Spenser P. Berg* Hospitality Management
Kaisha R. Berge Business Management
Megan Jane Bergerson Nursing Assistant
Gabriela R. Bernal Nursing Assistant
Danielle Illona Bernamann* Architectural Technology
Jacob Colton Berns** Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Jacob Colton Berns** Industrial Machine Controls
Angela K. Bernstein** Accounting
Kirsten R. Betancurt** Health Office Professional
Kirsten R. Betancurt** Medical Administrative Professional
Meghan Betz** Business Analyst
Marcus B. Bibbey Bennett* Accounting Assistant
Kip William Bichler* Nursing
Hallie Bieneck* Human Services Associate
Katelyn M. Bird* Graphic Design
Lorinda A. Bird* Hospitality Management
Victor Bird* IT-Network Technician
Kendra R. Bjorge** Foundations of Teacher Education
James S. Bjorkman* Sales Management
Ava Marie Bladl Nursing Assistant
Reese D. Blaisdell** Basic Machining
Drew C. Blaken** Electromechanical Technology
Jenna Jean Blomquist Dental Assistant
Brock Blue Bio-Medical Electronics
Cheyanne J. Boardman Agri-Business Science Technology
Dravin Boardman** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Rory Joseph Boardman** IT-Network Systems Administration
Megan Boehm* Physical Therapist Assistant
Dylan Michael Boland** Sales Management
Alexander J. Bolstad Nursing Assistant
Antonia E. Boltik Nursing Assistant
Mitchell M. Bonow** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Jordan J. Books Criminal Justice
Matthew Boris Nursing Assistant
Adam Bork Nursing Assistant
Anissa Bork Nursing Assistant
Emily Borkowski Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Briana Marie Bowen Nursing Assistant
Abbey L. Braaten Nursing
Allison J. Bragger** Agri-Business Science Technology
Jennifer Brandes** Leadership & Supervision Professional
Jennifer Brandes** Leadership Development
Jon M. Brandt** Basic Welding
Jon M. Brandt* Welding & Fabrication
Emma Bray Nursing Assistant
Taylor M. Brehmer Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Duncan W. Breitlow Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Hannah Lee Brenengen Nursing Assistant
Lucas J. Brennum Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Hanna F. Brey Nursing Assistant
Nathan Bronstad Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Chelsey E. Brosig* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jeremey E. Brown** IT-Network Systems Administration
Stephanie K. Brown* Landscape Horticulture Technician
Ashley R. Brudos** Accounting
Dorothy M. Brush Nursing Assistant
Jamie L. Bryant** Leadership Essentials
Izabella Ann Buchanan Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jennifer Buchholtz** Business Specialist
Karl Bugman** IT-Network Systems Administration
Laci M. Bunch Nursing Assistant
Dennis Davidson Bunk Criminal Justice
Rachel A. Buresh Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
John L. Burks Basic Welding
Shayla Margaret Buros** Business Management
Shayla Margaret Buros** Business Specialist
Makaela Bushman** Business Management
Tyler D. Buss** Respiratory Therapist
Julia S. Buswell Animal Science Technician
Grant C. Butler IT-Computer Support Specialist
Brian Paul Butzler Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Brandon P. Cafferty** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Robert Dean Cale* Criminal Justice
Camilla A. Callan* Landscape Horticulture
Mccartney Anne Callan Nursing Assistant
Dawn Campbell Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Michela G. Campbell** Physical Therapist Assistant
Dennis A. Campos Basic Welding
Dennis A. Campos* Welding & Fabrication
Taylor Daniel Card* Automotive Technician
Brenna Carioscia Health Information Technology
Thomas E. Carlson Electromechanical Technology
Reymon Alberto Carreon Acosta** Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Reymon Alberto Carreon Acosta** Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Sylvia L. Casarez** Accounting
Tori J. Cash Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Kylee M. Casper Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Simon Emmanuel Cassar** Digital Media Production
Ashley R. Cavallino** Medical Assistant
Blake A. Cegielski** Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Blake A. Cegielski** Industrial Machine Controls
Samantha J. Centanni* Business Management
Robyn M. Cernak Nursing Assistant
Madeline L. Chapman Nursing Assistant
Mitchell E. Chase Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Cody James Chelminiak** Architectural Technology
Samuel J. Chovanec** Industrial Machine Controls
Samuel Jimmer Christenson* Wood Tech
Jenny J. Christianson** Business Analyst
Jenny J. Christianson** Business Requirements Specialist
Lindsey R. Christianson Nursing
Michael Clanin** Industrial Machine Controls
Chelsey Jo Clark** Criminal Justice
Cheyenne Sierra Clark** Early Childhood Education
Holly Clark** Business Analyst
Jonathan Aaron Clark** Electromechanical Technology
Noah James Clark** Criminal Justice
Ryan Dusty Clark Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Ryan Dusty Clark Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Zoe Clark** Wood Tech
Keith Clausen** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Daniel C. Claycomb** Automotive Technician
Courtney Lee Clements** Business Specialist
Kendra R. Clements** Medical Lab Technician
Mikaylyn N. Clements* Graphic Design
Trevor J. Clements* IT-Web & Software Developer
Nathan M. Clemmensen** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Heather J. Cleveland** Leadership & Supervision Professional
Heather J. Cleveland** Supervisory Management
Ellen R. Clinton* Medical Lab Technician
Brody James Cochlin* Basic Welding
Brody James Cochlin* Welding & Fabrication
Ian E. Colby* Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Nicolas M. Collar* Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Matthew Steven Collins** Digital Media Production
Maralyn Elaine Conant** Respiratory Therapist
Kallista Ann Conrad Nursing Assistant
Ryan M. Conrad** Leadership & Supervision Professional
Jack Conway** Wood Tech
Dana Cook Nursing Assistant
Robert James Copeland* Electromechanical Technology
Olivia D. Corcoran Nursing Assistant
Xavier Herman Cornejo Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Jena L. Cornell Nursing
Tamara S. Coughlin* Nursing
Taylor M. Coulter** Early Childhood Education
Trevor William Cox** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Sydney Craig* Educational Assistant
Sydney Craig Foundations of Teacher Education
Sarah D. Crampes* Nursing
Andrew D. Cravillion** Digital Marketing Specialist
Andrew D. Cravillion** Marketing Management
Tyler Crick Wood Tech
Karen L. Cripps Nursing
Gregory Scott Crocker IT-Network Technician
Corbin Crockett* IT-Network Technician
Lynda I. Crowley* Paralegal
Lisa N. Cuba Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Lisa N. Cuba Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Morgan Alexis Cudo Nursing Assistant
Heather Maureen Culver-teubert Nursing Assistant
Zachary J. Cummer* Architectural Technology
Cassandra S. Cummings** Industrial Machine Controls
Sessirae L. Cummings Nursing Assistant
Ethan J. Cummuta** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Shamawyah Y. Curtis Human Services Associate
Tyler Curtis* Business Management
Kristoffer K. Custer** Paramedic Technician
Kristin Dabutch* Medical Assistant
Dakotah Daffinson Nursing Assistant
Myranda Jo Dalbec Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Kamryn Shay Davey Nursing Assistant
Neil Davidson** Graphic Design
Danielle M. Davis* Human Services Associate
Hunter Davis** Industrial Machine Controls
Rylee Jane Dawson** Foundations of Teacher Education
Emma Kianna Day** Medical Assistant
Carter James Dayton** Wood Tech
Cole R. Dayton** Wood Tech
Samuel J. Deal Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Lindsay M. Declute Nursing Assistant
Mitchell T. Degenhardt* Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Danica Angeline Densmore* Architectural Technology
Dillon J. DeVault** Financial Services Representative
Richard H. DeWalt* Automotive Technician
Evan Michael Dickman** Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Evan Michael Dickman** Industrial Machine Controls
Hadden Diehlmann** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Cheyenne  R. Dietsche** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Brittany Dilley Nursing Assistant
Brittany M. Dobitz Surgical Technology
Mallory Jeanne Dodsworth Nursing Assistant
Teresa Karen Dolbier** Medical Administrative Professional
Joseph H. Doucet** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Heidi Rose Dougherty** Radiography
Kathleen Dougherty Nursing Assistant
Casey L. Downing* Nursing
Michael Downing Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Rose Marie Jolayne Downs Nursing Assistant
Kodie N. Dries Nursing Assistant
Pamela N. Drinkwine** Medical Assistant
Amy E. Driscoll** Administrative Professional
Amy E. Driscoll** Office Support Specialist
Sagen Dubosq** Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Sagen Dubosq** Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Loren H. Duerkop* Business Management
Loren H. Duerkop** Business Specialist
Michael Duff* IT-Network Technician
Diana Igorivna Dundukova** Graphic Design
Zachary Thomas Dunford Fire Protection Technician
Ruth Dupey** Medical Lab Technician
Alisha M. Dyer** Human Services Associate
Michael T. Dziedzic* IT-Network Systems Administration
Brandon J. Eagon** Wood Tech
Anna Ebert Nursing Assistant
Ericha Caroline Edgerton Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Hanna Ellenbecker Nursing Assistant
Kandace Lynne Elliott Health Office Professional
Cassandra Jo Elmer** Business Management
Michael C. Emerson** Business Management
Macy M. Emery Nursing
Sydney Emery Nursing Assistant
Lakin D. Engen** Respiratory Therapist
Grant C. Engfer Nursing Assistant
Jennifer E. Engh Nursing Assistant
Justin E. Erdman Criminal Justice
Samuel A. Erdman* Physical Therapist Assistant
Hannah M. Erickson* Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Hannah M. Erickson* Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Sherilyn Erickson* Hospitality Management
Jennifer Escamilla Nursing Assistant
Paige Espe** Business Management
Brooke Evenson Medical Assistant
Moriah M. Ewing** Human Services Associate
Charles John Fah Criminal Justice Studies
Shelby L. Fairweather** Graphic Design
Jaden Bea Falck** Foundations of Teacher Education
Jess M. Fechner** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Carlene R. Felten* Early Childhood Education
Tracy Felten** Medical Assistant
Jacob Allen Fenske* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Rebekah Dale Ferguson** Early Childhood Education
Johnathan Daniel Fessenden** Basic Welding
Johnathan Daniel Fessenden** Welding & Fabrication
Ashley S. Fetketter** Medical Assistant
April R. Feyen* Medical Assistant
Sarah Kathryn Fick** Surgical Technology
Jacob Field** Leadership Development
Jennifer A. Field* Nursing
Douglas G. Filips** Accounting
Harley Mercedes Filter Nursing Assistant
Kristin Elizabeth Fimple* Surgical Technology
Ryan Finch* Marketing Management
Tristan Thomas Fink** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Jenna K. Finney Nursing
Austin M. Fischer** Wood Tech
Sara Maria Fischer Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Aidan R. Fisher Nursing
Mckenzie Riley Fitzpatrick Nursing Assistant
Cole T. Flannery* Nursing
Lindsay Nichole Flock Nursing Assistant
David R. Follette** Human Services Associate
Joshua Ford** Industrial Machine Controls
Samantha Fossali Nursing Assistant
Christine Renee Fox** Leadership Essentials
Katelyn M. Fox Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Nathan M. Frank* Basic Welding
Nathan M. Frank* Welding & Fabrication
Heidi L. Frawley** Electromechanical Technology
Dustin M. Frederick Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Dana Freemore Nursing Assistant
Jacob Daniel Fremstad* Basic Welding
Jacob Daniel Fremstad* Welding & Fabrication
Stacy J. Frost Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Sandra Y. Fuentes-Gallo Nursing
Ella Funk Nursing Assistant
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Funk* Graphic Design
Mariah Rose Gaier Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Melissa Gaier Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Naomi Beth Gammeter Criminal Justice Studies
Steven G. Gamroth Agri-Business Science Technology
Morgan Gander Nursing Assistant
Hunter M. Garbers** Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Tiffany Garcia Flores* Medical Assistant
Megan Anne Gardehl** Medical Administrative Professional
Anthony Louis Garvalia* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Cortney Garzee Nursing Assistant
Mikayla L. Gasper* Nursing
Adria Storm Gebhardt Graphic Design
Amy R. Gehrke** Leadership & Supervision Professional
Amy R. Gehrke** Supervisory Management
Mason Geiger* Fire Protection Technician
Tanya Marie Gellatly** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Samantha T. Gensch* Human Services Associate
Morgan F. George* Nursing
Nickolas D. Geraldson** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Paige E. Gerke** Business Management
Sean A. Gerry Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Austin Gettinger** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Bailey Marie Gianoli* Medical Lab Technician
Maggie J. Gillespie* Business Specialist
Seth Gillson** Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Seth Gillson** Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Lucas F. Gleason Lang** Digital Media Production
Susannah V. Gnewikow* Business Management
Megan E. Goergen Nursing Assistant
Gabriel Catacutan Gonzales Nursing Assistant
Gary Gonzalez* Radiography
Nicole Gonzalez Nursing Assistant
Owen L. Gonzalez IT-Computer Support Technician
Alexis M. Goodman* Radiography
Keshia Gorski Nursing Assistant
Katherine L. Gotter** Graphic Design
Sandra Gotz* Nursing
Mary Elizabeth Govek Nursing Assistant
Bliss Catherine Grady Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Joshua E. Grant** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Rachel M. Graves Nursing Assistant
Gavin Robert Gray Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Sara Jean Gray* Accounting
Sara Jean Gray* Accounting Assistant
Ellie M. Greeno Nursing Assistant
Taylor Greenwold Nursing Assistant
Lauren Gregerson Nursing Assistant
Donna Marie Gregoire** Supervisory Management
Gracie Noel Greiner Nursing Assistant
Claire G. Griffin Nursing Assistant
Jonathon Griffing** Architectural Technology
Olga A. Grimaldi Dental Assistant
Allison E. Grimsled Nursing Assistant
Alana Kai Gruntzel** Business Specialist
Benjamin T. Grupa Medical Lab Technician
Samuel A. Grzelak** Dental Assistant
Janelle M. Guenther** Health Office Professional
Janelle M. Guenther Office Support Specialist
Clarissa J. Guillaume* Medical Assistant
Jakob A. Gulbranson** Technical Studies - Journeyworker
Keaton Carter Gullicksrud Business Management
Ciera L. Gunderson Nursing Assistant
Mina Kathryn Gunderson* Graphic Design
Winchester Forbes Haagsman IT-Network Technician
Kaylah Lynn Haas Nursing Assistant
Paul Habeck* Criminal Justice
Cassandra Leigh Habhegger Central Service Technician
Danielle R. Hackbarth Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jack William Haessly Marketing Management
Ada J. Hage** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Brynn M. Hage** Graphic Design
Kaitlin Hahn Nursing Assistant
Tiffany M. Haines Nursing Assistant
Brittany Halama* Business Management
Benjamin Hans Halfmann* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Krista L. Hall* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Lael G. Hall* Automotive Technician
Ryan Wesley Hall** Financial Services
Matthew Ryan Halverson** Respiratory Therapist
Shane K. Halverson** Basic Machining
Eric Jon Halvorson** Business Analyst
Kin A. Hamilton** Basic Welding
Kin A. Hamilton** Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician
Vincent Glenpatrick Hamilton Architectural Technology
Jessica M. Hammes Nursing
Richard A. Haney Business Analyst
Richard A. Haney* Business Requirements Specialist
Tanner S. Haney* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Cade Hansen** Digital Media Production
Crystal A. Hansen* Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Jacob James Hansen Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Avery Vermontt Hanson IT-Network Systems Administration
Collin Lee Hanson* Criminal Justice
Marie L. Hanson** Administrative Professional
Marie L. Hanson** Office Support Specialist
Shelby Marie Hanson** Early Childhood Education
Derrick A. Harkness* Digital Marketing
Abigail J. Harless Nursing Assistant
Shyler Nicole Harmsen Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Austin Christopher Harvey** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Matthias R. Haschke** Business Specialist
Elizabeth L. Hawkins** Medical Assistant
Chelsea Hayes Nursing Assistant
Britney M. Headrick Nursing Assistant
Renee Heath** Digital Marketing
Ryan Richard Heath** Basic Welding
Ryan Richard Heath** Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician
Benjamin J. Heffel* Radiography
Laura Beth Hefty Nursing Assistant
Aaron R. Hegenbart** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Danielle Kathleen Heilman Accounting Assistant
Megan Hein Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Isabelle T. Heinz Medical Assistant
Amanda Hellerud Nursing Assistant
Matracia L. Hemmersbach* Radiography
Timothy Ross Henderson* IT-Network Technician
Sarah N. Hendricks Nursing Assistant
Benjamin Hendrickson** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Gabriel Whitaker Henry** Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Sheena R. Henry Graphic Design
Tyler Jason Henson** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Der Her** Medical Assistant
Jamie Anne Hernandez Nursing Assistant
Maggie Rose Herold* Nursing
Alysha Hesse Nursing Assistant
Daniel Steven Hesselberg* IT-Computer Support Technician
Bethany Ruby Heyer** Medical Lab Technician
Neil G. Hickey** Business Management
Shelah R. Hierlmaier* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Erika Himmel Nursing Assistant
Sarah Emily Hitchler Nursing Assistant
Tyler E. Hoerres* Fire Protection Technician
Taylor Jane Hoesley Nursing
Hunter H. Hoff* Basic Welding
Hunter H. Hoff Welding & Fabrication
Todd A. Hoffe Nursing Assistant
Jacob Arthur Hoffman* Physical Therapist Assistant
Robin Ann Hogan** Health Information Technology
Nathan E. Hohmann Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Austin L. Holak* Graphic Design
Olivia Rae Holbrook** Digital Media Production
Dayton Holen** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Leila Holen** Digital Marketing Specialist
Leila Holen** Marketing Management
Austin Holman Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Austin Holman Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Amanda Marilyn Holmes Nursing Assistant
Emily R. Holmes** Accounting Assistant
Morgan K. Holt* Nursing
Haley Paige Holty** Digital Media Production
Alyssa J. Holzberger* Nursing
Samuel T. Homp* Nursing
Emily Hopperdietzel** Wood Tech
Mason Maxwell Horton Nursing Assistant
Renee Elizabeth Horton* Foundations of Teacher Education
Nathan Houchin Digital Marketing
Nathan Houchin* Marketing Management
Raelyn Hovda-Ratz** Business Management
Dalton Howe Educational Assistant
Dalton Howe Foundations of Teacher Education
Liza Howe* Accounting Assistant
Melissa Howe** Accounting
Janyce Marie Hubbard** Health Information Technology
Michael T. Hubbard** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Hunter J. Huber Graphic Design
Tyler Huckstorf* Fire Protection Technician
Kevin Huiss** Business Analyst
Kevin Huiss** Business Requirements Specialist
Sierra Hunter** Human Services Associate
Dane M. Hyer** Wood Tech
Rebecca G. Ideker Nursing Assistant
Mallory Alyce Imobersteg Occupational Therapy Assistant
Parker J. Ingold* Marketing Management
Parker J. Ingold* Digital Marketing
Cassandra Frances Isaacs* Digital Marketing
Dylan Isensee** IT-Web & Software Developer
Mykala L. Isensee Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Alexis R. Jacobs** Criminal Justice
Annie M. Jacobson Nursing Assistant
April L. Jaeger** Accounting
Tara N. Jaquette Medical Lab Technician
Misti A. Jenkins* Business Management
Devan Ryan Jensen** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Reena A. Jensen** Hospitality Management
Savanna K. A. Jensen** Human Services Associate
Tyler Jeschke Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Nasra O. Jimale* Nursing
Adam Edward Johnson* Basic Welding
Asia Johnson Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Aspen Johnson Nursing Assistant
Christopher L. Johnson Basic Welding
Christopher L. Johnson* Welding & Fabrication
Cole W. Johnson Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Ethan Ernest Johnson** Basic Welding
Jacquelin M. Johnson* Medical Lab Technician
Jenna A. Johnson Early Childhood Education
Justin J. Johnson** Physical Therapist Assistant
Mara Marie Johnson** Human Services Associate
Tracy L. Johnston* Nursing
Bailey J. Jolivette* Nursing
Kristine Alexsy Jones* Nursing
Mariah R. Jones Nursing
Jacob W. Joy Wood Tech
Weston L. Kabat Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Abigail Mae Kaiser* Nursing
Dylan John Kaiser Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Christopher Kallis Bio-Medical Electronics
Holly Marie Kampa** Financial Services
Alexis D. Kanitz* Nursing
Dallas John Kapanke* Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Brenna M. Karbula** Business Management
Danielle M. Karbula* Nursing
Cody Karper Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Emily Kastner** Physical Therapist Assistant
Quentin George Kathan** Electromechanical Technology
Dayne F. Katula** Automotive Technician
Madeleine M. Kauffman Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Skylar Keefner Nursing Assistant
Michael F. Keichinger** Nursing
Gretchen R. Kelley Nursing Assistant
Laura Jean Kelly Accounting Assistant
Tara K. Kelly** IT-Web & Software Developer
Andrea Claire Kelm Nursing Assistant
Krishna A. Kelsey** Leadership Essentials
Carlee M. Kemp** Health Office Professional
Carlee M. Kemp** Medical Administrative Professional
Carlee M. Kemp Office Support Specialist
Eric Kendall Basic Machining
Taylor L. Kendhammer** Graphic Design
Mikaela Kennedy Nursing Assistant
Stephen D. Kennedy Physical Therapist Assistant
Christian A. Kerwin* Automotive Technician
Joseph T. Kessler** Technical Studies - Journeyworker
Courtney Elizabeth Keuer Nursing Assistant
Margaret Caroline Killian* Human Services Associate
Jessica Fay King** Dental Assistant
Nathan D. King Automotive Technician
Jeffrey M. Kirsch* Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Olivia Rose Kirschbaum Nursing Assistant
Ivy Klabunde Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Paige E. Klass Business Management
Spencer Elmer Klawiter** Wood Tech
Brittany Anne Klein* Nursing
Hayley Ann Klein Nursing Assistant
Sarah A. Kleinfeldt** Architectural Technology
Noah J. Klocke** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Adrianne R. Klug Nursing Assistant
Kimberly L. Klug* Nursing
Timothy Dean Klug** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Nicole Klum Nursing Assistant
Kyle John Knott Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
David H. Knutson* Digital Marketing
Jessilyn Michelle Knutson* Respiratory Therapist
Nicholas H. Knutson* Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Nicholas H. Knutson* Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Nicole F. Koenen* Nursing
Laura A. Koenig* Human Resource Management
Hope D. Kolba Nursing Assistant
Paige Kolba Nursing Assistant
Shanna L. Koller** Leadership Essentials
Alexis Nicole Kolterman** Digital Marketing
Alexis Nicole Kolterman** Marketing Management
Kalli Konkel Nursing Assistant
Jeremy Michael Korger** Culinary Management
Morgan Marie Kosharek** Medical Assistant
Sabin C. Koss* Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Sabin C. Koss* Industrial Machine Controls
Molly Irene Kotten** Physical Therapist Assistant
Katie Kozelka Nursing Assistant
Christina Marie Krajefska* Human Services Associate
Kayla Kramas* Accounting Assistant
Jessica A. Kramer Criminal Justice
Leah S. Kramer* Medical Assistant
Jorgiann M. Krause** Industrial Machine Controls
Zackary K. Krings** Agri-Business Science Technology
Ashton Krisnowich** Fire Protection Technician
Tiffany Lee Kristian Nursing Assistant
Kaytlin Krivich Nursing Assistant
Kendall D. Kroner** Graphic Design
Samuel Kruck** IT-Network Technician
Jessica Ann Kruckow Nursing Assistant
Sarah L. Kruckow** Nursing
Gabrielle A. Krueger** Human Services Associate
Jeffrey S. Krueger** Business Specialist
Jennafer N. Krzewinski Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Alan C. Kubera Basic Welding
Bryce H. Kuenzli* Occupational Therapy Assistant
David Michael Kufner Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Melanie Kuhn Basic Welding
Ryan P. Kuhn Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Desiree L. Kurtz** Medical Assistant
Kaylee Elizabeth Kutil* Dental Assistant
Sarah L. Labeause* Nursing
Arianna Michelle Lacoste** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Taylor Ladwig Nursing Assistant
Alexandre C. LaFond** Basic Welding
Darin J. LaFortune* Automotive Technician
Tiana Raelyn LaFortune Business Management
Jace Laher** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Kari A. Lalk* Nursing
Joshua M. Lamb** IT-Web & Software Developer
Amber R. Lambright** Business Management
Natalie Landrum Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Jennifer Marie Lane Nursing Assistant
Mason Christopher Lange* Basic Welding
Mason Christopher Lange* Welding & Fabrication
Caitlin Larkin Nursing Assistant
Andrew E. Larson Landscape Horticulture Technician
Carmel M. Larson** Graphic Design
Caroline E. Larson** Graphic Design
Gracie N. Larson Agri-Business Science Technology
Gracie N. Larson Animal Science Technician
Hart W. Larson Basic Machining
Kyle Derek Larson Welding & Fabrication
McKenzie Christine Larson Occupational Therapy Assistant
Megan N. Larson Nursing
Jordan Lass* Basic Welding
Jordan Lass Manufacturing Systems Maintenance Technician
Samuel J. Lass IT-Computer Support Specialist
Andrew Carl Lassig* Central Service Technician
Kaden L. Laufenberg* Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Kaden L. Laufenberg Mechanical Design Technology
Tamra Nicole Lawrence* Agri-Business Science Technology
Wyatt Lee Lawrence Nursing Assistant
Andrew Frederick Layoff** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Christopher W. Lechelt** Electromechanical Technology
Kate Ledegar Nursing Assistant
Abigail J. Ledoux Nursing Assistant
Christine M. Lee** Physical Therapist Assistant
Jordyn Irene Lee* Dental Assistant
Kevin Lee Radiography
Kue Joshua Lee* Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Rebecca Lynn Lee** Medical Assistant
Sandra Lee Nursing Assistant
Kaysey J. Lehrke Nursing Assistant
Kolby Leis Nursing Assistant
Megan E. Leis Agri-Business Science Technology
Ashley Rochelle Leisso Nursing Assistant
Camryn M. Lemke Nursing Assistant
Sophia Rae Lensing** Animal Science Technician
Mason D. Leppert* Hospitality Management
Katie Lesch Nursing Assistant
Gabrielle M. Lewis Nursing Assistant
Matthew E. Lickel Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Corey M. Liebherr Criminal Justice
Jason J. Lien Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Caleb Lienhard Digital Marketing Specialist
James D. Lierman* Nursing
Bradley M. Lilla* Sales Management
Evelyn D. Limon Vasquez Nursing Assistant
Betsy Jean Lindow Nursing Assistant
Craig Adam Linenberg Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jessica R. Linenberg* Leadership Essentials
Brennen T. Lockington* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Tyler J. Loeffelholz Accounting Assistant
Rachel L. Lombard** Medical Assistant
Ger Lor* Human Services Associate
Keng Lor** Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Evan J. Lord** Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Evan J. Lord** Industrial Machine Controls
Karissa J. Lovejoy* Respiratory Therapist
Isabelle J. Loy* Accounting
Nicholas D. Lubinsky* Graphic Design
Stephanie E. Lueck** Health Information Technology
Kiana R. Luedke** Early Childhood Education
Haylee R. Luhman* Digital Media Production
Destiny Kay Lunde Nursing Assistant
Matthew Paul Lunde** IT-Network Technician
Lance Luther** Paramedic Technician
Alicia M. Macaulay* Nursing
Rachel A. Maciejczak* Radiography
Shelly J. Mading** Accounting
Lupita D. Madrigal Garcia Dental Assistant
Alayna J. Mahr Nursing Assistant
Katherine V. Manke* Graphic Design
Jennifer Marie Mannila Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jonathon Dale Mantooth Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Jonathon Dale Mantooth Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Jacob H. Mara** IT-Network Systems Administration
Calvin L. Marcellis** Business Management
James T. Marcus* IT-Network Systems Administration
John H. Marlowe** Electromechanical Technology
Roberto J. Marquez-Velasquez** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Carrie L. Marron** Accounting Assistant
Jessica L. Marshall** Accounting
Danielle Doris Martin Nursing Assistant
Hollie Marie Martin** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Tyler James Martin** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Kelly Kristine Martinez Nursing Assistant
Noah V. Marvil* Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Hillary Anna Marx* Nursing
Kaleb D. Marx* Basic Welding
Kaleb D. Marx* Welding & Fabrication
Timothy Marx** Accounting Assistant
Angela M. Mason** Accounting
Heather A. Mason* Radiography
Hunter Ryan Mason Digital Media Production
Scott M. Masyga Architectural Technology
Ian Thomas Matchett** Business Management
Jason T. Mather** Individualized Technical Studies
Sam Matias-Escalante Wood Tech
Grace M. Mattie* Basic Welding
Grace M. Mattie* Welding & Fabrication
Ethan R. Maurer** Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Lucas Christopher Maurina** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Cole R. Mayberry Nursing Assistant
Tia A. Mayberry* Medical Assistant
Gracie Lynn Mayer** Surgical Technology
Mathew A. McCallson** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Calvin McCarty* Mechanical Design Technology
Aidan D. McCluskey Paralegal
Holly S. McConaughey Nursing Assistant
Madysen M. Mccormick Nursing Assistant
Melissa Jo McCormick** Human Services Associate
Brady A. McCoy* Automotive Technician
Keenan D. McDermott** Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Damian McDonah** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Christine Mae McDonald Nursing Assistant
Olivia R. McDougall-Saxe** Medical Assistant
Andrew J. McFarland Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Katelyn S. McGarry Nursing Assistant
Kelsey McGarry Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Ethan M P Mcguire* Radiography
Jacob U. McGuire* IT-Web & Software Developer
Rachel E. McGuire** Radiography
Adam D. Mckee Nursing Assistant
Jennifer Ann McLain Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jameil McNally** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Patrick Thomas McNamara Digital Marketing Specialist
Ian M. McNeill** Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Heather D. Medd Nursing Assistant
Emily J. Medinger** Leadership Essentials
Megan J. Meiners Occupational Therapy Assistant
Gavin E. Mellem* IT-Network Technician
Gregory T. Mengelt** Building Science & Energy Management
Azura Merrell** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Nathan Preston Merten* Wood Tech
Courtney A. Messer** Human Resource Management
Gracie Lynn Meyer Nursing Assistant
Cailee N. Meyers** Medical Assistant
Mathew T. Michaels** Basic Welding
Brittany S. Mighall* Accounting
Melissa Amy Mihalovic Nursing
Leah Stefania Mikrut** Physical Therapist Assistant
Morgan Lee Miles* Early Childhood Education
Alaina Rose Miller** Human Services Associate
Audra Miller** Basic Welding
Madelyn M. Miller** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Maria S. Miller* Nursing
Nicholas Paul Willis Miller** IT-Web & Software Developer
Scott Miller Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Alyssa R. Millis** Central Service Technician
Aaron D. Mishler* Leadership Essentials
Elizabethann M. Mitchell* Administrative Professional
Elizabethann M. Mitchell* Office Support Specialist
Arik T. Mlsna Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Angela Nicole Modjeski** Business Specialist
Andrea J. Modlin** Supervisory Management
Casey Jo Moger** Human Services Associate
Mary C. Mohr** Physical Therapist Assistant
Mitchell J. Mollway Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Rachael Leigh Molstad** Health Office Professional
Alison Mommaerts Nursing Assistant
Braedon G. Monroe IT-Web & Software Developer
Taylor N. Monroe** Nursing
Logan Lee Monteith* Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Logan Lee Monteith* Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Wanda J. Montgomery Nursing Assistant
Ethan M. Moody* Wood Tech
Mindy M. Moon** Digital Marketing
Alyssa Kassandra Mora** Educational Assistant
Alyssa Kassandra Mora* Foundations of Teacher Education
Sarah P. Morrison* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Aaron A. Morrow** Digital Marketing Specialist
Aaron A. Morrow** Marketing Management
Jessica Jo Moser** Human Services Associate
Seallena H. Moser* Graphic Design
Sidney Moss Nursing Assistant
Matthew Motl* Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Erica J. Muller* Nursing
Mallory M. Murray** Accounting
Willie L. Murray Human Services Associate
Melanie E. Myhre* Nursing
Jaime L. Naber** Paramedic Technician
Justin L. Nedvidek* Physical Therapist Assistant
Aaron S. Neisius** Wood Tech
Abbigail Marie Nelson** Accounting
Cameron Blake Nelson** Basic Welding
Cameron Blake Nelson** Welding & Fabrication
Cassandra Ann Nelson** Business Management
Gavin Carl Nelson* Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Gavin Carl Nelson* Industrial Machine Controls
Kimberly Diane Nelson** Accounting
Kurt Nelson* Criminal Justice
Lynnette A. Nelson** Surgical Technology
Michael Garrett Nelson** IT-Network Systems Administration
Sawyer Nelson** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Scott M. Nemec* IT-Network Systems Administration
Scott M. Nemec** IT-Network Technician
Helayna M. Nerby** Agri-Business Science Technology
Lacy Jean Nesler* Nursing
Gavin Daniel Neve** Basic Welding
Austin Newman IT-Computer Support Specialist
Erin L. Nichols* Accounting Assistant
Bailey Scott Nickel** Wood Tech
Montana Jo Niles Medical Assistant
David P. Nilles** Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician
Erin L. Nilsestuen* Human Resource Management
Josey Mae Nolan* Digital Marketing Specialist
Bria Lauryn Nolop Nursing Assistant
Sydney RM Norling Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Natasha S. Normand** Automotive Technician
Natasha S. Normand** Individualized Technical Studies
Kari E. Norton** Medical Assistant
Liam Oines** Mechanical Design Technology
Benjamin C. Oldenburg* Nursing
Logan Philip Oliver Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Sarah Olivier Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Christopher T. Olson** Business Analyst
Kaitlyn Marie Olson Early Childhood Education
Kayley Sue Olson** Health Office Professional
Kayley Sue Olson* Medical Administrative Professional
Sabrina Marie Olson* Nursing
Liberty Rose Onsager** Digital Media Production
Anne Caetlyn Orewiler* Early Childhood Education
Amber Orlikowski** Physical Therapist Assistant
Kayla A. Orozco** Leadership Essentials
Nuria J. Ortiz Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Shay Tyler Osterhus** Respiratory Therapist
Sara G. Osterlie** Nursing
Sheenah M. Ott* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Tre L. Owen Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Cayla Owens Nursing Assistant
Dylan A. Owens** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Brianna G. Paauwe** Human Services Associate
Derrick David Page* Welding & Fabrication
Justin Moore Parker* Medical Lab Technician
Michael J. Parkes** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Keean Richard Parshall** Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Keean Richard Parshall* Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Romesh S. Patel Bio-Medical Electronics
Rutviben Patel Nursing Assistant
Andrew S. Paugh* Accounting
Andrew S. Paugh* Accounting Assistant
Jalissa Kaye Paulson** Accounting
Eric Pavlovich** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Morgan J. Payer Nursing Assistant
Michelle L. Peardot** Hospitality Management
Sara Ann Peardot** Medical Assistant
Cassandra L. Pearson* Nursing
Alison M. Pehler** Business Management
Katie A. Pehling** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Halie Amber Peplinski Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Mayda Perez Zacarias Nursing Assistant
Timothy John Pergande* Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Timothy John Pergande* Industrial Machine Controls
Deborah L. Pesce Nursing Assistant
Ryleigh E. Pesik Nursing Assistant
Trevor Alan Peters Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Colton Wesley Petersen Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Stacy M. Petersheim Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Alissa M. Peterson Nursing Assistant
Andrew Richard Peterson* Financial Services
Izaac M. Peterson Sales Management
Leah D. Peterson** Medical Assistant
Lynn C. Peterson** Graphic Design
Hannah M. Petruska** Digital Marketing
Madelyn Petry Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Gregory M. Pfaff** Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Gregory M. Pfaff** Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Joshua N. Phelps** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Benjamin M. Pieper** Architectural Technology
Heidi Marie Pieper* Early Childhood Education
Marshall  Irvin David Pierce* IT-Computer Support Technician
Scott M. Piggott Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Alexandria J. Pischke* Human Services Associate
Adam C. Plowman** Nursing
Max Popp Nursing Assistant
Skye Lynn Poppler* Business Specialist
Emily Joan Porath Nursing
Hannah E. Powell Nursing Assistant
Mallary Fransal Premo* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Alexis C. Priebe* Nursing
Briana R. Prindle* Nursing
Hunter Patrick Prochaska** Building Science & Energy Management
Janessa R. Prodzinski Early Childhood Education
Collin David Proksch** Basic Machining
Mariya L. Pronschinske Nursing Assistant
Abigail M. Przybilla Financial Services
Amanda S. Ptacek** Respiratory Therapist
Alexis L. Putman Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jessica Lee Putz** Digital Media Production
Hannah L. Rach* Nursing
Nicholas Rackow** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Casey Ray Radatz** Electromechanical Maintenance Technician
Casey Ray Radatz** Industrial Machine Controls
Amber Rae Radde* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Amber M. Rahn** Nursing
Tiffany Ann Raisbeck* Nursing
Maggie Ameghala Ramin Nursing Assistant
Brittany N. Randall** Leadership Development
Carissa A. Rask** Medical Assistant
Richard L. Rastall** Agri-Business Science Technology
Alyzey L. Ray** Culinary Assistant
Lisa  J. Reavis** Nursing
John D. Reigel* Criminal Justice
Gunther Reiser** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Sean K. Reismann* Radiography
Aidan Trigg Reiter* IT-Computer Support Technician
Anna G. Renner Nursing Assistant
David Resto Basic Machining
David Resto** Basic Welding
David Resto Mechanical Maintenance
Steven  A. Reyes** Basic Machining
Rowan Reynolds** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Toya C. Reynolds* Culinary Management
Emerson Leann Rhoades Nursing Assistant
Marvin L. Rice Hospitality Management
Alexander S. Rich** Criminal Justice Studies
Cooper J. Richason* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Alissa M. Riebe** Human Services Associate
Riley  Joseph Rieck** Respiratory Therapist
Walter Rigden Nursing Assistant
Ricardo G. Rivera-Arias Human Resource Management
Brianna L. Rizzo* Business Analyst
Hunter C. Roberts* Nursing
Emma Christine Robertson Human Resource Management
Jacob S. Robinson* Architectural Technology
Katelin Ann Robinson Nursing
Yajaira Robles Nursing Assistant
David A. Rodriguez* Architectural Technology
Hayley Joanne Rodriguez** Hospitality Management
Susana Rodriguez* Medical Assistant
Michael Jose Rojo Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Adam J. Rose** Wood Tech
April Rossman** Business Management
Alex Gene Rothering* IT-Network Systems Administration
Kaitlyn Rowe** Business Specialist
Derek R. Rudolph** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Ingrid A. Ruiz* Dental Assistant
Daria Runice Nursing Assistant
Brittany N. Rynes Criminal Justice Studies
Tierra A. Sackett Dental Assistant
Jatin Sahai* Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Jatin Sahai Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Lindsey Sake Nursing Assistant
Nurya Salgado Ramirez Nursing Assistant
Cassaundra Judith Salzwedel Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Cassaundra Judith Salzwedel Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Tonya Denese Sample** Leadership Development
Tonya Denese Sample** Leadership Essentials
Melissa R. Sampson Nursing Assistant
Russell F. Sanborn* IT-Network Technician
Michael Sandman** Basic Machining
Jesus Santiago** Marketing Management
Gabrielle Lynn Saul** Accounting
Michael Patrick Savage* IT-Computer Support Specialist
Keegan Conrad Savor** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Isaac Christian Saylor Nursing Assistant
Melissa A. Scalf Paralegal
Jenna Gail Scanlan Nursing Assistant
Christian Micheal Schaller** Digital Media Production
Delaney Kathryn Schaller Educational Assistant
Delaney Kathryn Schaller Foundations of Teacher Education
Michael D. Schansberg** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Craig Schendel Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Bryce Michael Schiffman Marketing Management
Conrad D. Schillinger-Robinet** Physical Therapist Assistant
James Scott Schmidt IT-Network Systems Administration
Vanessa Grace Schmit* Criminal Justice
Dayton J. Schmitt Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Sarah E. Schmitz Nursing Assistant
Joshua Lee Schneider** Culinary Management
Raven Schoff Nursing Assistant
Brandon James Scholl** Automotive Technician
Erika Ann Scholle Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Stefani J. Schroeder** Hospitality Management
Samantha Schuelke** IT-Computer Support Technician
Connor Joseph Schueller* Business Management
Nicole Marie Schuler** Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Michael A. Schulte** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Nichol D. Schwab Medical Assistant
Luanne Kaye Schwartz** Human Services Associate
Daniel Schwarz** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Christopher A. Schwertel** Electromechanical Technology
Alex J. Scott IT-Network Technician
Heather Anne Scott Nursing Assistant
Melinda J. Sedlak* Nursing
Paola Bianca R. Seduco* Nursing
Alicia See Nursing Assistant
Victoria Jane Seiberlich** Physical Therapist Assistant
Morgan L. Seitz* Medical Lab Technician
Christopher M. Sekorski** Human Services Associate
Kayla Blake Selberg** Graphic Design
Ashley Virginia Sells Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Haley M. Selness** Radiography
Taylor A. Semann Respiratory Therapist
Dana R. Sendelbach Nursing
Josh Robert Sendelbach Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Sarah Jane Catherine Serres Human Resource Management
Luke D. Servais Sales Management
Luke D. Servais Sales Representative
Joseph Wenzel Servi** Electromechanical Technology
Eric A. Sesvold* Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology
Mary L. Severson Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Mary L. Severson Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Ryan Colt Severson** Industrial Machine Controls
Bailey R. Sevier Nursing Assistant
Megan R. Shaker Nursing Assistant
Kelsey Marie Shaner Nursing Assistant
Rebecca Ellen Elaine Shawley** Accounting
Alex M. Sheafor IT-Network Systems Administration
Alex M. Sheafor IT-Network Technician
Sarah Elizabeth Sheehan* Medical Lab Technician
Jalen Shegrud* Physical Therapist Assistant
Abagail Grace Shepard Nursing Assistant
Kevin J. Shepeck** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
William James Sherry* Accounting
Eric L. Shoemaker* Basic Welding
Eric L. Shoemaker* Welding & Fabrication
Kandi Mae Shramek Nursing
Ashley R. Sidie Nursing Assistant
Catherine M. Siekert** Human Services Associate
Benjamin W. Silha* Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Drew A. Sime** Electromechanical Technology
Hannah Simes** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jordan Michael Simons Automotive Technician
Travis P. Sindles Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Brandon L. Sipiorski* Nursing
Chandra K. Skaaren Nursing
Daniel Robert Skifton* Criminal Justice
Alexandria Skinner Nursing Assistant
Destiny Kathryn Jane Skolaski Nursing Assistant
Ben Slattery* Sales Management
Christina Robin Smart** Respiratory Therapist
Zakery John Smetana IT-Network Administration
Abbey J. Smiezek Nursing Assistant
Alexis L. Smiezek Nursing Assistant
Alicia L. Smith** Digital Media Production
Alicia L. Smith** Graphic Design
Daniel J. Smith** Basic Welding
David Smith Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Ka Lia Lo Smith** Business Analyst
Consuela Yvonne Smith-Williams** Marketing Management
Michallie R. Snyder Nursing
Kirsten Emily Solsrud Nursing
Amber D. Sommerfield* Nursing
Timothy G. Spencer** Supervisory Management
Kyle Matthew Spohn** Electromechanical Technology
Jessica Stadtler Medical Assistant
Treytan Avry Stalsberg** Architectural Technology
Dakota William Stampka** Basic Welding
Cole A. Stanek Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Heather Lee Stapleton* Medical Assistant
Drew Stawarz** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Brittany Lynn Stebbins* Criminal Justice Studies
Nicole Steen** Accounting Assistant
Paul A. Steidl* IT-Network Technician
Daniel Richard Steinfeldt* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Alyssa M. Stemper Nursing Assistant
Schuyler R. Stendalen* Electromechanical Technology
Tyler J. Stertman Criminal Justice
Tyler J. Stertman Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Geoff T. Stetzer Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Kailey J. Stevens* Educational Assistant
Kailey J. Stevens Foundations of Teacher Education
Allison M. Steyer** Physical Therapist Assistant
Kaitlin Brianne Stieve** Physical Therapist Assistant
Jennifer Stiltner Nursing Assistant
Nichole L. Stine** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Amanda Marie Stoewsand* Foundations of Teacher Education
Hunter J. Stojadinovic Basic Welding
Hunter J. Stojadinovic Welding & Fabrication
Kenneth Earl Stone Nursing
Maggie E. Stoner* Medical Assistant
Samuel Cole Strangstalien* Basic Welding
Samuel Cole Strangstalien* Welding & Fabrication
Alex Andrea Strelow** Foundations of Teacher Education
Felicia Isabel Stribley Hospitality Management
Pamela Jean Strittmater** Hospitality Management
Samantha M. Strom Nursing
Madelyn J. Strub Nursing Assistant
Meiya J. Stuhr Nursing Assistant
Kyra E. Sturm* Business Management
Curtis D. Suchla** Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Curtis D. Suchla** Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Shoen A. Suchla Industrial Machine Controls
Mackayla Susag Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Marissa Ann Sutherland Nursing
Ella M. Swenson* Medical Assistant
Kathryn Swenson Nursing Assistant
Lacey J. Swenson* Medical Assistant
Micah Robert Swerman Graphic Design
Nicole L. Szudy* Nursing
Arryanna L. Tenneson* Financial Services
Danielle Tesnow** Supervisory Management
Leann C. Thao** Medical Assistant
Linda N. Thao Medical Assistant
Pa Yia Thao Nursing Assistant
Paul Thao Nursing Assistant
Katherine Lynn Thesing Nursing Assistant
Rhenee L. Thewis** Surgical Technology
Katherine A. Thoeny** Leadership & Supervision Professional
Katherine A. Thoeny** Leadership Development
Kayla Suzanne Thoma* Human Services Associate
Brianna L. Thomas* Criminal Justice Studies
Brittany L. Thomas* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Katelynn E. Thomas* Medical Assistant
Elizabeth A. Thometz* Human Services Associate
Jordyn D. Thompson** Human Services Associate
Paul R. Thompson** IT-Computer Support Technician
Selena J. Thompson** Human Services Associate
Tsimnuj Michael Thor IT-Network Technician
Jodi R. Thurston** Accounting Assistant
Jessica L. Tiedeman* Radiography
Elizabeth Jean Tippery* Nursing
Javier Jose Tirado Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician - Level 1
Javier Jose Tirado Automotive Service Technician - Level 2
Alyssa Ann Tisdell Nursing Assistant
Joyce A. Todd** Digital Media Production
Joyce A. Todd** Graphic Design
Avery J. Torgerson* Dental Assistant
Ashley N. Torres** Human Services Associate
Jordyn L. Tourville* Medical Assistant
Derek R. Tracy* IT-Web & Software Developer
Greg Trammell** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Konerik W. Trim* Business Specialist
Brianna Trisko Nursing Assistant
Jessika Renae Troyanek Surgical Technology
Jacob P. Trussoni* Criminal Justice
Brittney Trybula Nursing Assistant
Olivia G. Tryggestad** Foundations of Teacher Education
Catherine N. Tschumper** Leadership Essentials
James David Tucker Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Emily A. Tully Nursing
Benjamin R. Tunks** Business Specialist
Nathan R. Tunks* Graphic Design
Hannah Lynn Turner Nursing Assistant
Leah M. Turner** Sales Management
Carlos Ulep* Basic Welding
Carlos Ulep* Welding & Fabrication
Austin Michael Underwood Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Zofeyah Myrtle Unverzagt Nursing Assistant
Janie Uy** IT-Network Technician
Baobai Vang* Nursing
Bee Vang** IT-Network Systems Administration
Chia See Vang** IT-Web & Software Developer
Chueshi Rice Vang* IT-Network Technician
Daniel Vang* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Feng Kong Vang Nursing Assistant
Jefferson Vang* IT-Web & Software Developer
Mai B. Vang** Medical Assistant
Pa Choua Vang* Culinary Assistant
Steve Lo Vang IT-Computer Support Specialist
Alma R. Vasquez Morales* Dental Assistant
Kenneth Veerkamp** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Danielle F. Vender Nursing Assistant
Sean E. Vikingson Basic Welding
Sean E. Vikingson Welding & Fabrication
Megan Bue Villafuerte** Dental Assistant
Alexandra J. Viner** Paramedic Technician
Bailey Ann Vlasak Dental Assistant
Collen T. Vogel Business Management
Collen T. Vogel Business Specialist
Brett Scot Von Ruden Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Desiree Marie Voves** Medical Assistant
Austin T. Vue* IT-Computer Support Specialist
Justin C. Vue** IT-Web & Software Developer
Ka Vue** IT-Network Systems Administration
Vee Vue** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Yong Yee Vue** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Yue Pheng Vue* Educational Assistant
Yue Pheng Vue* Foundations of Teacher Education
Jamal J. Wagner Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Elise Lee Walters Agri-Business Science Technology
Jeremy J. Wannemuehler Nursing Assistant
Brittney A. Waraxa** Human Services Associate
Michael Allen Ward** Radiography
Dominique Washington Business Specialist
Dakota Watkins** IT-Web & Software Developer
Rafe P. Watkins* Basic Welding
Rafe P. Watkins* Welding & Fabrication
Garrett Watters** Welding & Fabrication
Cassandra L. Weigel Nursing Assistant
Monica Ann Weinberger Nursing Assistant
Donovan M. Weiner Digital Marketing Specialist
Emily Renee Weiner** Radiography
Seth Weiner** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Elie M. Welch Nursing Assistant
Karl Weller** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Meagan M. Wells** Business Analyst
Michael J. Wendt* Surgical Technology
Christina E. Wengel** Physical Therapist Assistant
Lacey J. Wentz Nursing Assistant
Ciara R. Wera Nursing
Jean Mavis Westerhoff Nursing Assistant
Sylas F. Westerhoff Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Christine A. Westpfahl** Accounting Assistant
Jacob Frazier White Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Shannon Renee White Nursing Assistant
Stephanie A. Whitman* Culinary Management
Amber L. Wichlacz* Radiography
Madelyn Rayne Wieman** Graphic Design
Alyssa Wilhelm Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Mitchel Frank Wilhelm** Electromechanical Technology
Breeanna Lee Wilkinson* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jody M. Willey Nursing
Bryana J. Williams* Nursing
Mary A. Williams** Office Support Specialist
Owen David Williams** Basic Machining
Desiree K. Willinger Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Desiree K. Willinger Nursing Assistant
Ryan Nicholas Wilmot* Building Science & Energy Management
Courtney K. Wilson** Hospitality Management
Lindsey M. Wilson Nursing Assistant
Marina Elsa Windmoeller** Culinary Management
Elizabeth Paige Windsor** Business Management
Laura E. Winkler** Medical Assistant
Sophie Wiste Nursing Assistant
Kendall Merlin Fredrick Witcraft Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Elizabeth C. Witmer Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Gretchen L. Wittig Business Management
Dorothy E. Wolfe* Business Management
Katelyn Wolter** Business Specialist
Alexander B. Wood** Basic Welding
Tracy M. L. Woodman* Digital Marketing Specialist
Savannah Woods Nursing Assistant
Kristine Wortman* Business Management
Kristine Wortman Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jeremy Michael Wright Bio-Medical Electronics
Aidan J. Wuensch** IT-Network Technician
Austen Wuensch** IT-Network Systems Administration
Jordan Wuensch** Graphic Design
Rhonda J. Wurster* Nursing
Bun Jun Xiong* Business Specialist
Cheri Xiong* Nursing
Chymala Xiong** Paralegal
Kia Xiong** Medical Administrative Professional
Kou Xiong* Human Resource Management
Mai Nou Xiong Nursing
Tsu Fu Vinson Xiong* Graphic Design
Vinson T. Xiong* IT-Web & Software Developer
Wesley Paul Yahnke* IT-Network Systems Administration
Kara M. Yanacheck* Nursing
Aaron M. Yang Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Ashley A. Yang* Nursing
Esabella N. Yang** Health Information Technology
Houa Yang* Nursing
Keng Teng Ju Yang** Criminal Justice Studies
Meenan A. Yang** Human Services Associate
Skyler Yang** IT-Computer Support Technician
Penny M. Ybarra** Accounting
Kaitlin A. Yonke** Digital Marketing Specialist
Jace C. York* IT-Network Technician
Blake Robert Young* Mechanical Design Technology
Caitlin Theresa Young** Medical Assistant
Whytlea R. Young* Educational Assistant
Whytlea R. Young* Foundations of Teacher Education
Taylor M. Zawacki** Nursing
Stacey Zellmer Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Dylan J. Zettel Digital Marketing Specialist
Dylan J. Zettel Marketing Management
Shelbe Rose Marie Ziehli** Criminal Justice
Shelbe Rose Marie Ziehli Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Payton D. Zietlow Business Management
Keegan J. Zimmerman** Electromechanical Technology
Emily Rose Zink* Radiography
Rose Terese Zolondek** Medical Lab Technician