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Adams, Patricia
Teacher Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9427
Kumm Center 206
Albert, Tammy
Admissions Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9084
Student Success Center 125
Allen, Tina
Transfer Credit - Grad. Asst.
Phone: 608-785-9221
Student Success Center 114
Altobelli, Joyce
Instructor - Sociology
Phone: 608-789-6162
General Studies & Services
Coleman Center 223
Amborn, Sheryl
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9816
Business Division
Business Education Center 105
Anderson, Kathy
Admin Program Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9233
Health & Public Safety
Health Science Center 4031
Anderson, Loren
Instructor - Archtctrl Tchnlgy
Phone: 608-785-9238
Integrated Technologies
Integrated Technology Center 207G
Anderson, Andrew
Senior Systems Analyst
Phone: 608-789-6109
Information Services
Business Education Center 14
Anderson, Carla
Admin Assistant Sparta
Phone: 608-787-6101
Public Safety Services
Anderson, Mary
Instructor - CL Nursing
Phone: 608-789-4737
Kumm Center 301K
Anderson, Kimberly
Prof Dvlpmnt & Mrktg Spclst
Phone: 608-789-6021
Business and Industry Services
Arneson, Pamela
Instructor - Reading and ELL
Phone: 608-785-9545
Learner Support & Transition
Student Success Center 147
Bahl, Alexander
Instructor - Mechanical Design
Phone: 608-785-9250
Integrated Technologies
Bahr, Brooke
Security Coordinator
Phone: 608-789-6165
Security/Student Activity
Coleman Center 131D
Balacek, Patricia
Dir, Regional Workforce Devpmt
Phone: 608-785-9201
Regional Development
Administrative Center 307
Banasik, Rebecca
Outreach Associate
Phone: 608-785-9144
Student Success Center 131
Barris-Mell, Christine
Admissions Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9476
Student Success Center 127
Bauer, Michelle
Instructor - Instrctnl Asst
Phone: 608-789-6288
Health Education
Coleman Center 206
Becker, Deanne
Instructor - Mathematics
Phone: 608-789-4784
General Studies & Services
Coleman Center 208
Behringer, Alyssa
Student Account Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9206
Cashier's Office
Student Success Center 105
Beirne, Eva
Career Coach
Phone: 608-785-9547
Student Success Center 101-I
Belanger, Jacob
Prgm Accred & Compliance Coord
Phone: 608-789-4765
Health & Public Safety
Kumm Center 211F
Berg, Paula
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9295
Health & Public Safety
Kumm Center 211A
Berra, Heather
Instructor - CL Nursing
Phone: 608-789-4726
Kumm Center 303G
Berry, Shari
Instructor - Physical Therapy
Phone: 608-785-9598
Allied Health
Health Science Center 4058
Bibby, Paul
Academic Systems-Network Admin
Phone: 608-785-9171
Information Services
Business Education Center 14E
Bierman, Ben
Food Service Mgr - Union Mrkt
Phone: 608-785-9403
Lunda Center
Kumm Center 100
Blum, Michelle
Instructor - Adult Education
Phone: 608-785-9562
Learner Support & Transition
Student Success Center 146
Bodelson, Amery
Instructor - Comm Skills
Phone: 608-789-6090
General Studies & Services
Coleman Center 220
Boisen, David
Instructional Designer
Phone: 608-789-6141
Academic Excellence
Coleman Center 248