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Boecker, Elizabeth
Business Srvcs Coord.-TUMMA
Phone: 608-789-7890
Business and Industry Services
Integrated Technology Center 208B
Boland, Daniel
Trnsprttn (Auto) Parts Mgr
Phone: 608-785-9180
Integrated Technologies
ATC 152
Bonner, Michaeleen
Instructor - Health Sciences
Phone: 608-785-9234
General Studies & Services
Kumm Center 303I
Bork, Cody
Instr - Diesel & Hvy Eqpmnt
Phone: 608-789-6297
Integrated Technologies
Born, Kristin
Instructor - Chemistry
Phone: 608-789-4714
General Studies & Services
Kumm Center 303T
Bouchard, Thomas
Lunda Center Event Support
Phone: 608-789-6136
Lunda Center
Lunda Center
Brandau Hynek, Ann
Dir, Cnslng & Enrllmnt Srvcs
Phone: 608-785-9899
Counseling Services
Academic Resource Center 160C
Breckenridge, Betsy
Instructor - Adult Education
Phone: 608-789-6204
Learner Support & Transition
Academic Resource Center 100S
Brice, Ann
Instr - Web & Software Dev
Phone: 608-789-6130
Business Division
Business Education Center 204F
Brigson, Brent
Phone: 608-785-9583
Counseling Services
Academic Resource Center 164E
Brockwell, Lani
Instructor - Comm Skills-Tomah
Phone: 608-787-5113
General Studies & Services
Brown, Gary
Phone: 608-785-9130
Business Division
Business Education Center 105
Brown, Tamra
Instructor - Hlth Info Tchnlgy
Phone: 608-785-9549
Allied Health
Kumm Center 303M
Brownell, Wendy
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9172
Integrated Technologies
Integrated Technology Center 105
Buege, Emily
Research Analyst
Phone: 608-789-6211
Planning & Orgnztnl Excellence
Administrative Center 308
Buege, Kristin
Health Science Specialist
Perkins Strengthening Programs
Kumm Center 403
Burchardt, Sharon
Graphic Designer
Phone: 608-789-6291
Marketing & Communications
Administrative Center 309
Burman, Jonathan
Instr- Indstrl Electrical Tech
Phone: 608-789-4773
Integrated Technologies
Integrated Technology Center 207E
Bush, Melanie
Receptionist/Admin. Assistant
Phone: 608-785-9145
Wellness Center
Administrative Center 10
Cade, Ann
Campus Coordinator - RLC
Regional Learning Center
Cahalan, Sally
Instr - History & Pol. Science
Phone: 608-789-6012
General Studies & Services
Coleman Center 222
Callaghan, Julia
Mathematics Specialist
Phone: 608-789-4797
Learning Commons
Academic Resource Center 220
Campo, Darlene
Associate Dean
Phone: 608-789-4757
Health & Public Safety
Health Science Center 4045
Caretta, Michael
Manager, Networking Services
Phone: 608-785-9878
Information Services
Business Education Center 14A
Carlson, David
Phone: 608-785-9109
Physical Plant 114
Carr, Denise
Associate Dean
Business Division
Casper, Paul
Instructor - Graphic Design
Phone: 608-785-9567
Business Division
Coleman Center 245
Cassellius, Cynthia
Instructor - CL Nursing
Phone: 608-785-9254
Kumm Center 301G
Chandler, Melissa
Retention Coach
Phone: 608-789-6028
Retention Supports for ASLA
Academic Resource Center 160L
Chapel, Carolyn
Instructor - Mathematics
Phone: 608-785-9161
General Studies & Services
Coleman Center 202