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Finding Employment

These resources can help you find job openings and prepare for an interview. If you prefer face-to-face assistance, just make an appointment with our staff by emailing


Handshake is your online connection to employers looking to hire you. Learn more...

Perfect Interview Online

Perfect Interview™ is an innovative software program that allows you to practice and develop your interviewing skills. You can see videos of tough questions from professional interviewers, which you answer on the spot. A webcam records your answers, so you can see exactly how you will look and sound before going on a real first interview. In addition, a career advisor can review your interview to give further tips and pointers. 

Perfect Interview

LinkedIn Jobs

Leverage the world’s largest professional network to build relationships and connect with opportunity. Use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network to uncover insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.

Candid Career Videos

Candid Career Videos are a fun and efficient way to explore careers!

  • Discover career fields you did not even know existed and learn what it takes to get there.

  • Save your favorites to help guide your college and/or career discussions with your parents and/or school educators.

  • Use the advice to further educate yourself on your favorite careers, complete pre-requisites, and pursue internships and job openings.


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