Graphic Design Project In-take Form | Western Technical College

Graphic Design Project In-take Form

Western's Graphic Design students are excited to work with you to design your next marketing material. Thank you for helping our design students create real-life work that will provide them with a valuable learning experience and quality portfolio pieces.

Please review the following:

  • Western only takes on design work that fits the instructional content of the courses being taught during that term.
  • We reserve the right to refuse work and sometimes it is up to students’ choice.
  • After the form is submitted, you will be added to a work list and contacted within 3-5 business days. No guarantees can be made that your request will be taken.
  • Typically, students will need multiple weeks if not the whole term to complete requests.
  • Students are always happy to work with clients and make changes to improve their work. However, due to time constraints we will try to limit major revisions to three.
  • While students will try to deliver a design product that fits each client's needs, we cannot guarantee your final design will be a "perfect fit.”
  • There is no charge for labor and electronic files.
  • We will not print final materials for you nor can we host digital files for you on our server.
  • Communication is very important. We ask that all clients make themselves available for design reviews and respond promptly (within 3-5 business days) with feedback. We will do our best to follow the same standard for communication.
  • The Graphic Design program and classes are located in the Coleman Building of the La Crosse campus of Western Technical College.
  • Students may only meet with clients in designated Western classrooms during regularly scheduled class times.
  • If you agree to these terms, click the "I Agree" button below to continue to the request form.