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Institutional Challenge Exams

Challenge exams are written by Western Technical College faculty specifically for its students. The exams are equivalent to the comprehensive final exam and may be written, oral, demonstration, or a combination of all three. You can show the level of knowledge you have acquired in different subject areas by taking a Challenge exam and potentially earning credit for class equivalency. Not all Challenge exams are available for every course.

  • A passing score of a “C” or better is needed to be granted credit at Western Technical College. Challenge exams are graded as pass/fail. If you successfully pass, the grade of “CR” (credit) is shown on your transcript and is not used to calculate the GPA. If you have not achieved a satisfactory score on a Challenge exam you can retake the same exam after a one-year waiting period.
  • A non-refundable fee of $50 per exam.
  • Completion time varies between exams.
  • If you are enrolled in the course, the Challenge exam must be taken within seven business days of the start of the course. If you pass the Challenge exam, it is your responsibility to officially drop the course. You may be eligible for a program/material fee refund/deduction based on Western Technical College’s refund policy.
  • See CLEP/DSST/Challenge/AP Exam Comparison List.

Let’s Begin

4 Easy Steps to Take a Challenge Exam

  1. Contact the Credit for Prior Learning Specialist to confirm eligibility and get help preparing for the exam:; 608-785-9873.
  2. Complete the Credit for Prior Learning form and pay the assessment fee at the Cashier’s office.
  3. Once payment has been made, contact the Assessment Center and arrange a time to complete the exam:
    608-785-9566 or
    You must show the completed Credit for Prior Learning form to the Assessment Center proctor, with payment noted, in order to take the Challenge exam.
  4. Upon completing the exam, it will be graded and you will be notified of the results via email within two weeks.
Your Experience Counts

Contact Western to get credit for your prior learning.