Spring 2021 Graduates | Western Technical College

Congratulations Graduates!

Spring 2021 Graduates

Graduation Spring 2021

Western remains committed to celebrating your academic achievements. As such, we held a special drive-through ceremony on Saturday, April 24, at Riverside Park. 

We encourage graduates to send us a photo via social media or email so we can include you in our online album of graduates on this page.

From all of us at Western, congratulations on this accomplishment!

Commencement Address

To honor your commitment, President Roger Stanford, Alumni Relations Coordinator Stephanie Knutson, Distinguished Alumni Eric Chrisinger, and Student Ambassador Alyson Graef have created special video messages. We also have ceremonial music from Paul Molling. Click on the images below to view the videos.

Roger Stanford

Roger Stanford
Western Technical College

Stephanie Knutson

Stephanie Knutson
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Western Technical College

Eric Chrisinger

Eric Chrisinger
2021 Distinguished Alumni
Western Technical College

Alyson Graef

Alyson Graef
Student Ambassador
Western Technical College

Paul Molling

Paul Molling
Musician Performing
Pomp and Circumstance

Western's Spring 2021 Graduates

Here are our Spring 2021 graduates – the people who would have walked across the stage. Congratulations!

Names designated with * have achieved honors status with a GPA of 3.0-3.4. Names designated with ** have achieved high honors status with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Names in italics received a scholarship.



Danica F. Adams** Accounting
Marcus B. Bibbey Bennett* Accounting
Tanya S. Czechowicz* Accounting
Wyatt Davis* Accounting
Karie Liana Decorah** Accounting
Samantha M. Dubiel** Accounting
Kayla Evenson* Accounting
Kenneth W. Gilmore** Accounting
Danielle Kathleen Heilman** Accounting
Joshua Robert Hyttinen** Accounting
Amy Jo Jore** Accounting
Kayla Kramas* Accounting
Tyler J. Loeffelholz Accounting
Jason McCoy* Accounting
Erin L. Nichols** Accounting
Jessica Olson** Accounting
Colton Seger Peterson** Accounting
Casie Kay Renning** Accounting
Hayley K. Schipper** Accounting
Cassandra M. Schober** Accounting
Jordan Schreier** Accounting
James E. Sherry* Accounting
Nicole Steen** Accounting
Jackie L. Unseth** Accounting
Cullen Vickery** Accounting
Brandon Wieser* Accounting
Alanson Xiong** Accounting
Fuechi Xiong* Accounting
Sheryl L. Abt** Accounting Assistant
Jodi R. Thurston** Accounting Assistant
Jean M. Woodin** Accounting Assistant
Abigail Marie Lamprech** Administrative Professional
Zachary R. Tienhaara Administrative Professional
Heather Bjorge Agri-Business Science Technology
Hayden J. Dovenberg Agri-Business Science Technology
Melonie Rose Harris Agri-Business Science Technology
Sophia Rae Lensing** Agri-Business Science Technology
Haley Lauran Schultz* Agri-Business Science Technology
Makenzie Jo Stammeyer** Agri-Business Science Technology
Nicolas M. Collar** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Devon Fortuna** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Kue Joshua Lee* Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Matthew R. Minch** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Johnathon Matthew Mooney* Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Brady P. Patterson** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Joshua A. Walleser** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Isabelle Ann Warner* Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Ryan J. Whalen** Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Foster Nolan Arezina Erickson Architectural Technology
Vincent Glenpatrick Hamilton Architectural Technology
Beathriz Alessandra Oliveira Ribeiro* Architectural Technology
Ethan Paul Severson Architectural Technology
Desiree Smith* Architectural Technology
Hunter Daymond* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Cydni B. Hess Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Cade Nathaniel McCool* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Jayme L. Ontko Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Jeremiah Eugene Sesvold* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Joshua Donald Sesvold** Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Jenifer Svoboda* Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Carolyn R. Swift** Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Leandra Dorothy Thomson** Associate of Science - Liberal Arts
Samuel J. Chovanec** Automation Systems Technology
Michael Clanin** Automation Systems Technology
Hunter Davis** Automation Systems Technology
Eric Martin Ekern** Automation Systems Technology
Joshua Ford** Automation Systems Technology
Kendall Cannon Lusty** Automation Systems Technology
Travis Lee Alexander* Automotive Technician
Zachariah J. Bennett Automotive Technician
Evan D. Campbell** Automotive Technician
Reymon Alberto Carreon Acosta** Automotive Technician
Ryan Dusty Clark Automotive Technician
Xavier Herman Cornejo* Automotive Technician
Sagen Dubosq** Automotive Technician
Hannah M. Erickson* Automotive Technician
Seth Gillson* Automotive Technician
Nicholas H. Knutson Automotive Technician
Kaleb Olson** Automotive Technician
Keean Richard Parshall* Automotive Technician
Gregory M. Pfaff** Automotive Technician
Curtis D. Suchla** Automotive Technician
Joab W. Brever* Basic Welding
Theodore Devon Smith** Basic Welding
Joshua Earl Ames** Bio-Medical Electronics
Jordan T. Beirne** Bio-Medical Electronics
Jeremiah E. Buswell Bio-Medical Electronics
Joshua Lee Goodwin* Bio-Medical Electronics
Nathan Hartkopf** Bio-Medical Electronics
Kelly Jacobson** Bio-Medical Electronics
Isaac Richard Robert Kintz** Bio-Medical Electronics
Phillip Keng Su Moua Bio-Medical Electronics
Drew Nelson Bio-Medical Electronics
Jeremy Thompson* Bio-Medical Electronics
Ricky Vang* Bio-Medical Electronics
Matthew T. Walsh* Bio-Medical Electronics
Yue Pheng Yang** Bio-Medical Electronics
Tyler James Batten* Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Jason C. Burke** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Dane Lucas Carl** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Jack William Clements* Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Jacob Antonio Curti** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Nicholas D. Goldbeck** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Samuel H. Hemp** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Blake Allan Jandt** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Jason P. Renaud** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Ian J. Scott** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Dawson B. Swenson** Building Construction & Cabinetmaking
Douglas J. Linberg** Building Science & Energy Management
Javier Martinez-Ortiz** Building Science & Energy Management
Emily Margaret Windsor** Building Science & Energy Management
Samantha Kirby** Business Analyst
Deven L. Newquist* Business Analyst
Cynthia M. Passow** Business Analyst
David Richard Radtke** Business Analyst
Natalie J. Bird** Business Management
Drew Chambasian Business Management
Ben Chavalas** Business Management
Courtney Lee Clements* Business Management
Lilyan Grace Clements** Business Management
Ethan L. Coleman* Business Management
Matthew Jonathan Dutton Business Management
Hallie Everts* Business Management
Dylan Felten* Business Management
Riley Gavin** Business Management
Jaymie M. Genardo** Business Management
Maggie J. Gillespie* Business Management
Haley A. Griffin* Business Management
Alana Kai Gruntzel** Business Management
Ellie Hagen* Business Management
Mistie Heasley* Business Management
Caitlin Henry** Business Management
Rebecca Hinze* Business Management
Elizabeth Hoffman* Business Management
Alexander J. Houlihan Business Management
Steven Joplin** Business Management
Brianna Lynn Kast** Business Management
Branden J. Kazynski* Business Management
Taylor Ann Koch** Business Management
Sadie Jo Korn** Business Management
Matthew M. Kosin Business Management
Tanner Leis Business Management
Ryan Michael Lemke** Business Management
Jessica R. Linenberg* Business Management
Belle McGathy* Business Management
Autumn Lynn Mitchell** Business Management
Astrid M. Montalvo** Business Management
Kristine N. Murphy** Business Management
Brandyn Nelson* Business Management
Donovan Netzer Business Management
Dylan Neumeister Business Management
Joshua R. Olson** Business Management
Jenessa Loesel Perry** Business Management
Skye Lynn Poppler* Business Management
Mallory May Renner Business Management
Claudia J. Reyes* Business Management
Alyssa Ross** Business Management
Kaitlyn Rowe** Business Management
Dawson Daniel Rux* Business Management
Logan Lee Schreiner* Business Management
Mikyla Raye Staxrud** Business Management
Brendan P. Thomas** Business Management
Mai Vue** Business Management
Dominique Washington Business Management
Todd Simon Wells** Business Management
Katie L. Wing* Business Management
Angela M. Witmer* Business Management
Katelyn Wolter** Business Management
Chai Xiong* Business Management
Juliana C. Zolondek** Business Management
Maggie J. Gillespie* Business Specialist
Amber C. Alsteen** Criminal Justice
Kaitlyn Hope Buenzli* Criminal Justice
Anna J. Gunderson** Criminal Justice
Kerri A. Johnson* Criminal Justice
Mitchell T. Novachek* Criminal Justice
Walker G. Stoner** Criminal Justice
Derrick A. Vian** Criminal Justice
Caleb Carl Witt Criminal Justice
Trenton Todd Benning Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Chuck Wolfhard Braun Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Cory Jonathan Riley Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Daniel Robert Skifton Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Charles John Michael Smart Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Cooper D. Zumach Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement 720 Academy
Willow Danae Tagesen** Culinary Assistant
Chenoa Jae Borman** Culinary Management
Dena M. Iacono* Culinary Management
Alyzey Lynn Ray** Culinary Management
Darius L. Williams** Culinary Management
Jaclynn Elizabeth Freit** Dental Assistant
Kylee E. Kelemen Dental Assistant
Abbey Larsen* Dental Assistant
Kylie Loegering Dental Assistant
Keelin C. McGrath* Dental Assistant
Naleah Grace Nerby* Dental Assistant
Mackenzie Page* Dental Assistant
Madison Taylor Swick* Dental Assistant
Dravin Boardman** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Mitchell M. Bonow* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Nathan M. Clemmensen** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Hadden Diehlmann** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Joseph H. Doucet** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Jess M. Fechner* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Jacob Allen Fenske* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Anthony Louis Garvalia* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Austin Gettinger** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Joshua E. Grant** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Aaron R. Hegenbart* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Benjamin Hendrickson** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Tyler Jason Henson** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Noah J. Klocke** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Jace Laher** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Roberto J. Marquez-Velazquez* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Jameil McNally* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Arik T. Mlsna Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Sawyer R. Nelson** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Dylan A. Owens** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Joshua F. Phelps** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Rowan Reynolds* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Derek R. Rudolph* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Michael A. Schulte** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Kevin J. Shepeck** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Benjamin Thomas Weber* Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Seth Weiner** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Abdul Bolageh Cole** Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Natasha S. Normand Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant
Shannon K. Anderegg* Digital Marketing
Rachel Cain** Digital Marketing
Jessica S. Doering** Digital Marketing
Rachel J. Fries** Digital Marketing
Benjamin Michael Hesch** Digital Marketing
Brianna Lea Holt* Digital Marketing
Nathan Houchin Digital Marketing
Brian E. Kennedy** Digital Marketing
Barry Lenser** Digital Marketing
Caleb Lienhard Digital Marketing
Kyle Monroe Livingston Digital Marketing
Michelle Maceda Digital Marketing
Patrick Thomas McNamara Digital Marketing
Keelyn Palubicki** Digital Marketing
Kiersten Nicole Popodi* Digital Marketing
Jesus Santiago* Digital Marketing
Danielle M. Wight Digital Marketing
Autumn S. Wooden** Digital Marketing
Tracy M L Woodman* Digital Marketing
Aek Yang** Digital Marketing
Kaitlin A. Yonke** Digital Marketing
Meiliyawati Helgerson Digital Marketing Specialist
Samuel R. Edwards** Digital Media Production
Brady Edward Endres** Digital Media Production
Undray T. Farmer* Digital Media Production
Dillon A. Hierlmeier** Digital Media Production
Mariusz Piotr Kicilinski** Digital Media Production
Jacqueline M. Santiago** Digital Media Production
Cheyenne Sierra Clark* Early Childhood Education
Kaitlyn Marie Olson Early Childhood Education
Michael L. Rice Educational Assistant
Ezekiel G. Smith Educational Assistant
Jacob Colton Berns** Electromechanical Technology
Blake A. Cegielski* Electromechanical Technology
Cassandra S. Cummings* Electromechanical Technology
Evan Michael Dickman** Electromechanical Technology
Kevin R. Jandt** Electromechanical Technology
Alex Joseph Judd Electromechanical Technology
Evan J. Lord** Electromechanical Technology
Gavin Carl Nelson* Electromechanical Technology
Timothy John Pergande* Electromechanical Technology
Casey Ray Radatz** Electromechanical Technology
Brock Bena Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology - CET
Michael Henry Hinman** Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology - CET
Konnor H. Lyons* Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology - CET
Jaye M. Schmoll** Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology - CET
Tarren K. Yauchler Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology - CET
Shana M. Adams Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Tasian C. Arjes Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
June Lurane Brown Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Richard Doran Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Emma Furniss Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Samantha Lamberson Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Crystal Norling Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Lauren Ann Perry Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Jenna Fawn Quackenbush Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Iris Mary Quinlan Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Wyatt J. Sachen Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Jessica Scow Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Larissa M. Utecht Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Desiree K. Willinger Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Cody Zehnder Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced
Heather Leigh Beauregard Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Madelyn Bjorge Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Matthew Bruch Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Maya Monet Dobbelaere Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Madison Marie Gade Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Coby Daniels Gemein Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Nicole Guthrie Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Megan M. Justice Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Austin Graham Kennebeck Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jessica Lynn Mlsna Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Ronald Nedland Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Leah D. Peterson Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Jeremiah C. Samuelson Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Malachi Schmitz Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Hannah Kathleen Strachan Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Barbara F. Vandenhoogen Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Claire White Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Nicholas Young Beeman** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Danielle Gille** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Matthew T. Kramer* Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Anthony Mahairas** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Jennifer Ann McLain** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Dominick T. Mellick** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Anthony Charles Rosckes* Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Craig Scheel** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Allen Sheston** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Steven G. Sis** Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
Adam Thomas Bird* Financial Services
Jacob Follansbee* Financial Services
Todd Michael Gilbertson Financial Services
Cade Hoffman* Financial Services
Kassandra Sue Proulx* Financial Services
Samuel C. Hynek** Fire Protection Technician
Cole N. Reinardy* Fire Protection Technician
Aaron Daniel Dahl* Foundations of Teacher Education
Tessa L. Falk** Foundations of Teacher Education
Haley M. Hagen** Foundations of Teacher Education
Molly Rae Jacobson** Foundations of Teacher Education
Dakoda J. Koblitz** Foundations of Teacher Education
Jada L. Reider Foundations of Teacher Education
Courtney Sandy** Foundations of Teacher Education
Mackenzie Stalsberg** Foundations of Teacher Education
Erica Tryggestad* Foundations of Teacher Education
Arianna Wiedemeier* Foundations of Teacher Education
Allison J. Zebell* Foundations of Teacher Education
Nicole Joy Achenbach** Graphic Design
Jacob Edward Burchardt* Graphic Design
Taylor Jade Cowden** Graphic Design
Ginger P. Dent Graphic Design
Nicole Marie Filla** Graphic Design
Spencer Fittante* Graphic Design
Adam T. Geary* Graphic Design
Rylie Doris Guza Graphic Design
Bailey Nicole Hansen** Graphic Design
Darien G. Hendrickson** Graphic Design
Onalee Rose Higgins** Graphic Design
Tylar Howard* Graphic Design
Alexus King** Graphic Design
Miranda Lynn Kneifl* Graphic Design
Trista Irene Lay** Graphic Design
Jordan M. Mattmiller* Graphic Design
Trevor D. Roerig** Graphic Design
Alexandra Seitz* Graphic Design
Luke R. Shaw* Graphic Design
Amber Stewart** Graphic Design
Jessica L. Sveen* Graphic Design
Alyssa K. Tulley** Graphic Design
Garth Tymeson Graphic Design
Melissa Ann Dahl* Health Information Technology
Theresa J. Geer** Health Information Technology
Ashley H. Herricks* Health Information Technology
Justin D. Jambois** Health Information Technology
Kimberly K. Krueger** Health Information Technology
Donald L. Mannel* Health Information Technology
Brian R. St Denny** Health Information Technology
Kalie E. Crum* Health Office Professional
Adrienne Ferguson** Health Office Professional
Rebecca J. Meyer** Health Office Professional
Andrew Marschall** Healthcare Electronics Technician
Carissa C. Lee* Hospitality Management
Callie Bever** Human Resource Management
Derek Davis Human Resource Management
Brooke C. Kelsey* Human Resource Management
Annemarie Malone** Human Resource Management
Jaylyn Millin** Human Resource Management
Bradley M. Nisiewicz** Human Resource Management
Sylvia I. Overgard Human Resource Management
Kaycie J. Roche* Human Resource Management
Diana Alvarez** Human Services Associate
Joanna J. Aspenson* Human Services Associate
Sara A. Bartle* Human Services Associate
Lindsay J. Bean** Human Services Associate
Nicole V. D'Alessio** Human Services Associate
Jada Rayy Duncanson** Human Services Associate
David R. Follette** Human Services Associate
Emily A. Geske** Human Services Associate
Tianna R. Hail** Human Services Associate
Claudia Melissa Hernandez** Human Services Associate
Alyssa Faye Hooker** Human Services Associate
April M. Kester** Human Services Associate
Payton C. Korner* Human Services Associate
Lauren Lochner** Human Services Associate
Pandora A. Moncure-Reynolds Human Services Associate
Christine S. Odeen** Human Services Associate
Sydney Fae Oettel* Human Services Associate
Jennifer Ramirez* Human Services Associate
Tiffany Ropiak** Human Services Associate
Stacey L. Saunders* Human Services Associate
Jessica D. Schroeder* Human Services Associate
Sheila Smoke-Cleveland* Human Services Associate
Alexa Renae Soller* Human Services Associate
Brianna L. Stefanski** Human Services Associate
Angie Switz** Human Services Associate
Taylor Jane Thoma** Human Services Associate
Jakob S. Waite** Human Services Associate
Danteja L. Williams* Human Services Associate
Melanie Zuniga Human Services Associate
Jack William Clements Individualized Technical Studies
Eric J. Johnson** Industrial Machine Controls
Ema Eshiet* IT-Computer Support Specialist
Owen L. Gonzalez IT-Computer Support Specialist
Riley Christopher Page IT-Computer Support Specialist
Samantha Schuelke** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Hunter C. Stout** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Paul R. Thompson** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Isaac Lee Tranberg* IT-Computer Support Specialist
Chia See Vang** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Skyler Yang** IT-Computer Support Specialist
Candi M. Bjorge** IT-Computer Support Technician
Ema Eshiet* IT-Computer Support Technician
Zachary Thomas Steele IT-Computer Support Technician
Michael Duff** IT-Network Systems Administration
Deven M. Felber* IT-Network Systems Administration
Dakota Ray Horstman** IT-Network Systems Administration
Samuel Kruck** IT-Network Systems Administration
Gavin E. Mellem* IT-Network Systems Administration
Aidan J. Wuensch** IT-Network Systems Administration
Jace C. York* IT-Network Systems Administration
Craig Alan Anderson** IT-Network Technician
Paul R. Thompson** IT-Network Technician
Christian Bonilla** IT-Web & Software Developer
Alan J. Haddon** IT-Web & Software Developer
Pasha Her* IT-Web & Software Developer
Edward Lee** IT-Web & Software Developer
Hunter C. Miller** IT-Web & Software Developer
Cody L. Ostrander* IT-Web & Software Developer
James D. Stevenson** IT-Web & Software Developer
Joseph R. Zimmerman** IT-Web & Software Developer
Mariah R. Fogt** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Manuel S. Grenert Landscape Horticulture Technician
Natalie Sue Holty** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Richard L. Kelly** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Isaac Zachary Nichols** Landscape Horticulture Technician
Sherilyn Erickson* Leadership Development
Joshua Humm* Leadership Development
Michael Lien** Leadership Development
Sara A. Warren* Leadership Development
Makayla Marie Beggs** Marketing Management
Rachel J. Fries** Marketing Management
Rylee A. Gabel** Marketing Management
Nathan Houchin* Marketing Management
Lydia Marie King* Marketing Management
Caleb Lienhard** Marketing Management
Kiersten Nicole Popodi* Marketing Management
Tracy M L Woodman Marketing Management
Mitchell T. Degenhardt** Mechanical Design Technology
Gabriel Whitaker Henry** Mechanical Design Technology
Ian M. Mcneill** Mechanical Design Technology
David P. Nilles* Mechanical Design Technology
Ashley N. Buchanan** Medical Administrative Professional
Abigail Marie Lamprech** Medical Administrative Professional
Mai Lee Lor Medical Administrative Professional
Rachael Leigh Molstad** Medical Administrative Professional
Rebecca Ann Strosin* Medical Administrative Professional
Melissa Grace Szeflinski* Medical Administrative Professional
MacKenzie R. VanDyck* Medical Administrative Professional
Pa See Vue** Medical Administrative Professional
Krystal Rose Abbey** Medical Assistant
Michelle Alexander** Medical Assistant
Kyra D. Ballentine* Medical Assistant
Amy L. Berg** Medical Assistant
Alexis Gnewikow* Medical Assistant
Lauren Grace Halverson** Medical Assistant
Megan Hase** Medical Assistant
Kayleigh Storm Haubrich* Medical Assistant
Lynn Janka** Medical Assistant
Katelyn Marie Krause** Medical Assistant
Lauren Tyler Mesar** Medical Assistant
Hailey R. Moss** Medical Assistant
Geraldine M. Ripley-Swenson** Medical Assistant
Ruth A. Seabern* Medical Assistant
Weiwei Song* Medical Assistant
Ally Mae Stilwell* Medical Assistant
Morgan Visgar* Medical Assistant
Angel M. Williams* Medical Assistant
Vanessa Ann Wright** Medical Assistant
Kimberly K. Krueger** Medical Coding Specialist
Donald L. Mannel* Medical Coding Specialist
Janelle A. Conder Medical Lab Technician
Carter A. Englerth** Medical Lab Technician
Devon J. Klement Medical Lab Technician
Taylor Madison Alseth** Nursing
Erin Marie Bauer* Nursing
Nicolette M. Becker* Nursing
Grace Lynn Bell Nursing
Kortney A. Belz Nursing
Nicholas K. Bjerke Nursing
Kayla Leshay Bonam* Nursing
Lisa M. Brooks* Nursing
Angel Ann Brueggen* Nursing
Serena M. Burke Nursing
Sofia R. Clements** Nursing
Hannah Marie Colburn* Nursing
Carli Dahlberg* Nursing
Kaylin M. Davis* Nursing
Laurie Doerr* Nursing
Adam D. Dvorak** Nursing
Kristen M. Elliott* Nursing
Jonae' Enzenbacher* Nursing
Erin C. Evenson* Nursing
Makensie L. Farr* Nursing
Mandy Jane Feldkamp* Nursing
Nicole M. Franck Nursing
Lucas D. Gabel* Nursing
Dana M. Gibbons Nursing
Krystal L. Gruntzel* Nursing
Alexandra Diane Gustafson Nursing
Kaitlin I. Guza Nursing
Macala M. Hale* Nursing
David A. Hanson Nursing
Stephanie N. Hartung** Nursing
Jessica L. Haubrich Nursing
Kolton J. Hayden Nursing
Kayia Her* Nursing
Mikel M. Herman* Nursing
Clara C. Ingalls* Nursing
Abigail Summer Jackson Nursing
Jaylene M. Jahnke* Nursing
Emma R. Janzen Nursing
Alicia M. Johnson** Nursing
Trisha J. Johnson Nursing
Brett E. Kaae* Nursing
Miranda R. Kersting* Nursing
Christie A. Knapp* Nursing
Lindsay Lee Kronebusch* Nursing
Jessica L. LaBar* Nursing
Arthur A. LaBerge* Nursing
Ka Zoua Lor* Nursing
Jennifer Sue Lucas Nursing
Julia M. Luethe* Nursing
Males Mainviel* Nursing
Lisa M. McCullough** Nursing
Sirirak S. Meyer* Nursing
Tori K. Miller Nursing
Paige Lee Miracola* Nursing
Lydia Marie Mitley* Nursing
Kayla Jean Muenzenberger* Nursing
Britny Murphy* Nursing
Anna M. Myers Nursing
Shannon Rae Nelson* Nursing
Starr Nelson* Nursing
Courtney Rae Newlun Nursing
Luke Lyndon Warren Oelke Nursing
Sierra J. Olinger* Nursing
Lesley Jane Patterson** Nursing
Jocelyn A. Pedretti Nursing
Stacy M. Petersheim* Nursing
Kayla D. Peterson-Stein Nursing
Hannah L. Rach* Nursing
Chalcie Noel Raiten Nursing
Samantha J. Reffke Nursing
Remy Suzanne Robinson Nursing
Zoe M. Rotering Nursing
Alexandria P. Schanhofer Nursing
Lexi Kay Schmidtknecht** Nursing
Jamie Lee Schultz Nursing
Kiara J. Schultz* Nursing
Dawn E. Schuttemeier* Nursing
Jibrail A. Shaikh Nursing
Paige M. Simerlein* Nursing
Taylor Moench Spain* Nursing
Kayla Starker Nursing
Jesse S. Stecker* Nursing
Oleeta L. Strasser* Nursing
Savannah R. Thomas** Nursing
Amber L. Thompson* Nursing
Jessica D. Troendle* Nursing
Kimberly Suzanne Vaaler** Nursing
Nicole Walters* Nursing
Loralee Nicole Wetter Nursing
Jacob J. Winjum* Nursing
Tabitha I. Wisted* Nursing
Katherine Raschel Wooten* Nursing
Pa Chia Xiong* Nursing
Britton S. Alexander Nursing Assistant
Alexus Adrian Bartsch Nursing Assistant
D'artagnan Maine Brandt Nursing Assistant
Louie K. Browning Nursing Assistant
Sierra Elizabeth Cade Nursing Assistant
Jessica Ruth Christian Nursing Assistant
Dawn Cimperman Nursing Assistant
Blanca Olivia Cummings Nursing Assistant
Jacob Paul Daily Nursing Assistant
Ashlee Rebecca Davidson Nursing Assistant
Christina Denton Nursing Assistant
Suzie M. Drake Nursing Assistant
Rachel Duce Nursing Assistant
Jesus F. Gallegos Nursing Assistant
Madison Grainger Nursing Assistant
Helen Hale Nursing Assistant
Jaymee Helfrich Nursing Assistant
Miranda Mae Hobart Nursing Assistant
Josie Jacobs Nursing Assistant
Noah Jacobson Nursing Assistant
Ellen Audrey Janke Nursing Assistant
Hannah R. Jorstad Nursing Assistant
Madeline R. Kamrowski Nursing Assistant
Heidi L. Kieffer-wieser Nursing Assistant
Eric Michael Kriewald Nursing Assistant
Ethan Mather Nursing Assistant
Kristy Lee McCabe Nursing Assistant
Gregory Milligan Nursing Assistant
Ava-jesi Saffron Rain Murdock Nursing Assistant
Paige Lynn Navis Nursing Assistant
Brittany M. Nelson Nursing Assistant
Betsy Olson Nursing Assistant
Cynda Jean Protsman Nursing Assistant
Kayde Rohn Nursing Assistant
Hope Ann Roskos Nursing Assistant
Mari-ann Z. Sartin-tarm Nursing Assistant
Emily Renee Schaldach Nursing Assistant
Misty D. Schindler Nursing Assistant
Nicole L. Schroeder Nursing Assistant
Rebecca Lynn Schultz Nursing Assistant
Grace Leeann Scott Nursing Assistant
Erin M. Simonson Nursing Assistant
Mchale C. Sterba Nursing Assistant
Mackayla Susag Nursing Assistant
Daniel Swanson Nursing Assistant
Kaylee Marie Sweno Nursing Assistant
Kristie Topper Nursing Assistant
Tori Lynn Tralmer Nursing Assistant
Phoebe White Nursing Assistant
Kyle K. Xiong Nursing Assistant
Anna M. Zavala Nursing Assistant
Brinn Alissa Anderson* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Mackinzie Lee Fall** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Makenna Mary Gabel** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Michelle K. Kyle** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Molly D. Lawler** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Cole J. Monson* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Alex Mrotek* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Erin Schauer** Occupational Therapy Assistant
Erin DeZiel Schmidt Occupational Therapy Assistant
Katelyn J. Staab* Occupational Therapy Assistant
Jessica K. Pena* Office Support Specialist
Kayla M. Speldrich** Office Support Specialist
Alyx Kaye Bloom* Paralegal
Baylee Jeannette Darling* Paralegal
Malinda S. Kelemen* Paralegal
Blaire Morgan Meyer Paralegal
Grady M. Rosin** Paralegal
Kailee Marie Andress Paramedic Technician
Dawson Dean* Paramedic Technician
Jossette A. Priem* Paramedic Technician
Anthony Charles Rosckes* Paramedic Technician
Carissa Ryann Aarsvold** Physical Therapist Assistant
Grace E. Alnes** Physical Therapist Assistant
Allison Lynn Bottema** Physical Therapist Assistant
Mark Cummings* Physical Therapist Assistant
Brooke Nicole De Florian** Physical Therapist Assistant
Avery Heldt** Physical Therapist Assistant
Bethany M. Kitowski* Physical Therapist Assistant
Caterina Eve Kukulka** Physical Therapist Assistant
Matthew S. Loncki** Physical Therapist Assistant
Casey J. McHugh** Physical Therapist Assistant
Jennifer A. Nolte** Physical Therapist Assistant
Bradley Scott O'Connell** Physical Therapist Assistant
Alex M. Tande** Physical Therapist Assistant
Amber Wegner** Physical Therapist Assistant
Nathan S. Becker* Precision Machining & Programming
Jarett Costello** Precision Machining & Programming
Amanda Marie McDonough* Precision Machining & Programming
Audra Miller** Precision Machining & Programming
Sam C. Steindorf** Precision Machining & Programming
Ashley Nicole Anstedt Ramirez* Radiography
Gregory Scott Cheek Jr* Radiography
Eden Pierce Connelly** Radiography
Kaylee BreAnn Darling** Radiography
Rachel Ann Davis* Radiography
Madeline Marie Flanery* Radiography
Hanna Nicole Flannery** Radiography
Gabriel A. Fuentes Radiography
Gerardo Gonzalez** Radiography
Shannon M. Hunter* Radiography
Nathan M. Kalmes* Radiography
Hannah D. King* Radiography
Amos Kue Radiography
Samantha Taylor Lean* Radiography
Gao Chi Lee** Radiography
Bridgette Catherine Myers** Radiography
Cara C. Papenfuss** Radiography
Autumn K. Pfaff** Radiography
Morgan K. Pieper* Radiography
Haley Marie Spreuer** Radiography
Jade K. Willette* Radiography
Riley Jerrod Haag** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Jesse Gregory Johnson* Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Brent Koeller** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Jesse Keith Smith** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Jonah J. Van Cleave** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Justin Waldvogel** Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heating Service Technician
Cassandra Beinborn** Respiratory Therapist
Mikaela Ann Brandau** Respiratory Therapist
Benjamin Kenneth Gage* Respiratory Therapist
Molly M. Giese* Respiratory Therapist
Larissa A. Jacobson* Respiratory Therapist
Amy Kimmet-Humfeld** Respiratory Therapist
Colton J. Kolman** Respiratory Therapist
Nicole A. Loeffelholz** Respiratory Therapist
Olivia K. Mueller* Respiratory Therapist
Hannah McKenzie Rusch Respiratory Therapist
Andrea Marie Smith** Respiratory Therapist
Cassandra Marie Zlabek* Respiratory Therapist
Jacob Emanuel Boehme** Robotic Welding & Fabrication Specialist
Joab W. Brever* Robotic Welding & Fabrication Specialist
Sawyer Gibson** Robotic Welding & Fabrication Specialist
Christian James Godfrey** Robotic Welding & Fabrication Specialist
Ben J. Mendoza- Rivas** Robotic Welding & Fabrication Specialist
Gage Spencer Schalow** Robotic Welding & Fabrication Specialist
Theodore Devon Smith** Robotic Welding & Fabrication Specialist
Krysta Chroninger** Sales Management
Dylan S. Flaskrud Sales Management
Christian Van Handel* Sales Management
Clayton M. Weber** Sales Management
Shannon E. Bagstad* Surgical Technology
Laura Lyn Farley** Surgical Technology
Katelyn A. Green Surgical Technology
Mackenze Marie Koenigs** Surgical Technology
Kassidy M. Kreuzer Surgical Technology
Abigail Susan Loken Surgical Technology
Lydia Madrigal* Surgical Technology
Travessa Mae Pralle** Surgical Technology
Claire M. Urell* Surgical Technology
Susan Yang* Surgical Technology
Rebecca Ziolek** Surgical Technology
Jase Anderson Welding & Fabrication
Mathew Leo Bollig* Welding & Fabrication
Joab W. Brever* Welding & Fabrication
Dillan Trent Brimblecom** Welding & Fabrication
Nicholas R. Buege* Welding & Fabrication
Jacob J. Dobbs* Welding & Fabrication
Isaac Elsen** Welding & Fabrication
Dustin R. Garavalia* Welding & Fabrication
Maximillian E. Hein* Welding & Fabrication
Eli Joseph Hemker** Welding & Fabrication
Nicholas Anthony Horning* Welding & Fabrication
Dylan G. Mason* Welding & Fabrication
Samuel Aaron Mayer* Welding & Fabrication
Ethan D. Melde* Welding & Fabrication
Matthew DC Neuverth** Welding & Fabrication
Garrett A. Reid** Welding & Fabrication
Adrien Rhodes* Welding & Fabrication
Eric Lee Schindler** Welding & Fabrication
Zachary G. Siple* Welding & Fabrication
Keith Alan Smith** Welding & Fabrication
Monica A.M. Thompson* Welding & Fabrication
Karyn M. Wehrs** Welding & Fabrication
Joshua S. Weigel* Welding & Fabrication