Taylor, Western Business Management Graduate, ’21 | Western Technical College

Taylor, Western Business Management Graduate, ’21

Viterbo University uses established transfer articulation agreements with Western Technical College for bachelor completion program options. Taylor’s program of choice is Management and Leadership.

Taylor's Story

TaylorTaylor is not the least bit hesitant to talk about her dismal high school career with complete honesty and candor, seemingly taking particular pride in her stubbornness to put forth any effort at all. With a GPA barely above 2.0, a lousy ACT score, and a mountain of missing assignments, even failing a gym class, she was considered a lost cause academically. Taylor didn’t experience help, guidance, and support in high school. The optimism of youth assured her she would be fine wherever she ended up.

Taylor has always lived in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and has no desire to leave the area in the immediate future. An advisor’s only suggestion was to apply to Winona State University and see what happens: Taylor was denied admission. Well aware of their daughter’s hidden potential and hoping for a workable solution, her parents suggested she try Western Technical College: Taylor was accepted! Western is dedicated to the philosophy and practice of open enrollment and prides itself as such.

Once a student is enrolled, academic and social supports are plentiful and easily accessed. Treating every student as a unique individual—with different histories, talents, concerns, strengths, and weaknesses is paramount. Western proves that every student can succeed given the opportunity, especially with a tailored and personalized support system. Excellent and consistent communication from every organizational level is critical: instructors, staff, tutors, advisors, and counselors, etc. Western also keeps tuition low while working closely with its foundation to provide many scholarships.

Extremely uncertain of this new endeavor’s outcome, Taylor is paying for college on her own, so practicality and cost consciousness are the driving forces behind every decision. In a stunning turn of events, and probably shocking herself most of all, Taylor enrolled in a couple of business classes and found interest and enjoyment in them. She took more business classes with similar positive results. Taylor approached school with a newfound interest and found delight and satisfaction in the effort. The resulting fruits of her labor were surprising and served as a positive reinforcement of this novel approach to academia. Her GPA started strong and stayed impressive; she has a 3.8 and loves school with a newly realized sense of purpose and growth. Taylor’s success opened doors and provided options she never had before!

A bachelor’s degree is suddenly a possibility, as well as an MBA. Taylor’s Business instructor Shannon Corcoran suggested she talk with Taylor Hanson, Western’s Viterbo admission representative, to learn about Viterbo transfer options. Choosing a pathway early in the process ensures no class credit is wasted. With Hanson’s assistance, she chose the Management and Leadership program and planned the rest of her Western classes with credit transfer in mind. Hanson provides personal assistance at every step of the process to all transfer students: multiple scholarship opportunities, applications and deadlines, transcripts, periodic check-ins, and personal reminders via unobtrusive texts. The process is streamlined and easily navigated between invested parties on either end. It’s worth noting that Taylor received a significant transfer scholarship because of her excellent grades!

Taylor graduated from Western with high honors! Everyone needs help at times, and second chances can, and often do, change everything. We can’t be sure what Taylor would have done without Western, but as it stands now, Western gave her a chance to shine she might not have otherwise had. Consider the talent, intellect, and drive she may never have uncovered. The appropriate assistance inspired Taylor to help herself while realizing her full potential. Western truly changes lives for the better and has a wonderful partner in Viterbo University.