Would you like to represent Western? | Western Technical College

Would you like to represent Western?

Casting Call

Western is recruiting brand ambassadors and influencers! We are seeking well-rounded students of all ages, colors, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to best represent Western’s diverse student body in our photography, videos, social media, print, and websites.

Sharing Your Western Story

We are also interested in what you have to say: What is your Western story? Share it with us; we may use it in print, news stories, and social media platforms.

If selected, you will be called upon occasionally throughout the year to participate in creative projects and promotional activities. Ambassadors will be contacted for promotional purposes on a rotating basis.


Are you a student who…

  • has a GPA of 2.0 or higher?
  • is a current Western student?
  • is in good financial standing with Western?
  • is proud to have Western use your image and likeness in college promotions?

Still Interested?

Contact Us

Have questions about the brand ambassador program? Email Lauri Hoff at hoffl@westerntc.edu.