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Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. As an educational assistant (paraprofessional), you can make a difference by working directly under the supervision of a licensed classroom teacher to implement teacher-created lesson plans. You will likely work with small groups of students in the areas of reading or math as well as in one-on-one instructional settings. Some of the responsibilities you might have include tutoring in the content areas of reading, writing, math, and science; implementing teacher created plans in small group learning center activities; and offering technical support in the classroom.

Educational assistants/paraprofessionals are used in K-12 for reading, writing, and math at the elementary, middle school, and high school classroom settings. You may work in the regular classroom or in a special education classroom with students who require additional support. The program covers the needs of special education students as well as the general population.

The Foundations of Teacher Education associate's degree is an extension to the Educational Assistant technical diploma. The associate degree requires an additional practicum experience working with students to apply the skills learned. Graduates will create a professional educational portfolio.

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Estimated Program Costs

Estimated Program Cost

Foundations of Teacher Education

This program will cost about $9,700* based on tuition and basic program fees. There may be additional fees for books, materials, and testing. For more information on tuition costs, visit the Tuition Page.

* Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Graduation Employment Stats

Foundations of Teacher Education 2014-2015 Graduation Employment Stats

Graduates Responding5
Employed in Related Occupation2
Employed in Non-related Occupations1
Seeking Employment0
Continuing Education2
Not in Labor Market0

Salary Data - Related Employment

Part TimeFull Time
Average Hours Per Week
Median Hourly Wage
Hourly Wage Range
Median Annual Salary

Respondents in Related Occupations

  • Gym Teacher; HOPE Christian School, Milwaukee, WI
  • Teacher Assistant; Children's Palace Preschool, Holmen, WI

Career Opportunities

Instructional Assistant
Special Education Paraprofessional
Early Education Teacher
Teacher Assistant

Program Outcomes

  • Use effective communication skills
  • Apply mathematical concepts
  • Transfer social and natural science theories into practical applications
  • Demonstrate ability to think critically
  • Demonstrate ability to value self and work ethically with others in a diverse population
  • Use technology effectively
  • Make decisions that incorporate the importance of sustainability
  • Support all learning based on knowledge of subject matter
  • Identify developmentally appropriate child/adolescent physical, social/emotional, intellectual, and language characteristics and their developmental and environmental impact on learning
  • Adapt instruction to meet the diverse needs of all learners
  • Utilize a variety of instructional strategies, media, and technology to foster the development of critical thinking and problem solving
  • Use proactive classroom management techniques to promote a positive class climate, intrinsic motivation, and optimal learning
  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication in working collaboratively within the school setting and interactions with students and families
  • Assist in planning and implementing instructional strategies that reflect the learning cycle
  • Utilize informal assessment strategies to collect data for the support of student learning
  • Incorporate the reflective process to promote student learning and professional growth
  • Assume professional responsibility for ethical, moral, and legal policies and procedures
  • Provide for health and safety needs of students

Admission Requirements

College Requirements

$30 Application Fee
High School Transcript or GED/HSED

Program Requirements

Western Technical College uses ACCUPLACER, a computer-based, online assessment that measures your abilities in writing/sentence skills, reading comprehension, and arithmetic. This information will be used to place you in courses that best fit your academic goals. Based on your scores, you may need to take additional general studies course(s) along with the general studies courses required for your program.

Several options for waiving the ACCUPLACER test are available; view the exemptions here.

Learn more about placement tests and how they are used at Western: Placement Testing.

Additional Requirements:

To enroll in the Foundations of Teacher Education Associates Degree program, first apply for admission to the College, then read the program's Essential Functions, complete a background check, and provide proof of immunization (including a TB Test).  You can find links to these documents below.

In addition, contact the Welcome Center to make an appointment with a Health & Public Safety Enrollment Services Advisor to complete your Intent to Enroll form.

Career Pathways

This program is part of a career pathway, a laddered approach to career education. It allows you to earn employer-recognized credentials that lead to job and career advancement.

Foundations of Teacher Education

Career Pathways

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