Diversity at Western

We Value Diversity

With each semester, the Western Technical College student body becomes increasingly diverse, and the College remains committed to capitalizing on the multiple strengths its students bring to campus. Diversity and inclusion are essential to educational excellence, and it is the mission of the administration, faculty, and staff to ensure that the needs of a diverse student body are met here at Western.

Differences such as gender, racial and ethnic background, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and physical ability are assets that contribute to learning. Students learn and benefit from exposure to classmates from different countries, of different cultures, and with different perspectives. Much like the workplace of today benefits from maintaining a diverse workforce, the classroom benefits from a more diverse student population.

To help foster inclusiveness, the Diversity Advisory Team and the College are committed to:

  • Maintaining a culture that is conducive to student success for the diverse population it serves;
  • Creating and maintaining a teaching and learning culture that provides educational opportunities for diverse individuals and groups;
  • Providing environments beyond classroom settings, where students can learn from and become part of the broad life experiences that accompany diversity.

It is our goal that students who come to Western learn to appreciate the value of diversity and that that appreciation carries through into the rest of their lives.