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Free Topic Tuesday Webinars

Join us every Tuesday in September from 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. for a FREE weekly webinar featuring quick tips and tricks guaranteed to bring order, perspective, and a little sunshine to an unbalanced work day! Free recordings of past webinars are available below.




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Sept. 1 Unconscious Bias What is unconscious bias? How do we begin to recognize our own biases and what can we begin to do in regards to their potential impact? How does our own culture and norms create these biases? What can we do once we are aware of our own biases?

Unconscious bias is something we all have and like carbon monoxide, there are times we cannot discern its impact and harm. In this introductory webinar we will explore the dynamics of these biases and help to understand the process forward with more clarity.

Register Terrelle Wilson
Sept. 8 Safety Plans Have you ever wondered why you need to have a safety plan?  Do you know what type of information needs to be included in your safety plan?  This webinar will provide an overview of the what safety plans are, a baseline for establishing one, and why it is important for your business.  Register Eric Bauer
Sept. 15 Effective Presentations Effective presentations have the power to adapt beliefs, alter behaviors or adopt new mindsets, but in this era of information overload, for your message to be effective it has to memorable.  Similar to a weak Wi-Fi signal, a presentation is susceptible to interference that obscures the message and frustrates an audience. Successful presentations hinge on the appropriate combination of valuable content, engaging delivery, with coordinated visuals to reinforce your message and reach your audience with a clear well-defined signal.  This webinar will focus on techniques to develop engaging presentations that connect with your audience.     Register Mike Poellinger
Sept. 22 Re-engaging the Disengaged Employee This webinar will explore some of the reasons why employees become disengaged and what leaders can do to turn the situation around.  We will look at some of the impacts to the organization of disengagement, along with responses to re-engage those individuals you don’t want to lose. Register Jackie Kettner
Sept. 29 Looking to Connect: Building Community and Fostering a Sense of Belonging While Working Remotely. As organizations have made the shift to remote working during these unprecedented times, many continue to struggle with keeping their employees and customers connected.  This webinar will discuss strategies for maintaining employee/customer connections and fostering organizational culture while working remotely. Register Kari Reyburn

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