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Workplace Assessments and Evaluations

Matching an employee’s characteristics and skills with the right professional opportunities is a powerful plan for success in any organization.  Western Technical College Business & Industry Services (BIS) couples competency based workplace assessments, performed by industry experts, with an intensive needs analysis process. This strategic approach to assessments maintains focus on increasing productivity and profitability with employee skills that match employment objectives in areas such as:

Needs/Gap Analysis

A comprehensive needs assessment process can discover lost opportunists in your workforce, methods, materials, machines, or environment. The assessment and analysis look at four critical areas of performance including finance, operations, management, and sales/marketing.

Machine Maintenance

The Standard Timing Model (STM) is our hands on mechanical skills assessment tool used to identify mechanical skills and competencies for machine operators, maintenance mechanics, electro-mechanical personnel, assemblers or technicians. Couple this assessment with a Bennett testing product for an in-depth analysis!


By working with industry experts, Western Technical College BIS can help companies assess the skill set of employees working with welding processes to include welding equipment, weld types, weld joints, the properties of a good weld, and welding print reading and symbols.

Electrical Mechanical

Western Technical College BIS Electrical Skills simulator provides a hands on testing scenario to measure an employee’s understanding of electricity, electrical components, and PLC’s in an industrial setting.

Workplace Strengths

Assessing the strengths and characteristics of your workforce is foundational to building effective work groups and teams. Utilizing programs such as CliftonStrengths, Western Technical College BIS experts work with you to develop a comprehensive assessment with a solid understanding of the results.


Use any of our assessment testing options to measure the skill set of a potential employee prior to the first day on the job!  Western Technical College BIS can work with you to establish a first rate pre-employment assessment program. Contact us and a Business Solutions Consultant will work with you to discover the perfect assessment program.

Customized Assessments and Testing

Don’t see the assessments or tests you are looking for? Contact us and a Business Solutions Consultant will work with you to discover the perfect assessment program.

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