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OSHA Compliance

What to Expect from an OSHA Inspection Webinar

An OSHA inspection can be intimidating for any manager or supervisor. The best way to calm your nerves about a potential check is to understand what OSHA inspections entail and how you can prepare for them.  Knowledge is the best way to be prepared for any OSHA visit. In this session, we will answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

  • What is an OSHA inspection?
  • What happens during an OSHA inspection?
  • How do I prepare for an OSHA inspection?

Western’s On-site OSHA Consultation Program

A simulated OSHA inspection can help a company identify areas where safety and health violations exist in daily operations. During a comprehensive simulated OSHA inspection our trained and experienced consultants come to your business and identifies potential hazards before the OSHA inspector knocks on your door.

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